World’s Sparrow Day 2021

World's Sparrow Day 2021
World’s Sparrow Day 2021

Wishing You Happy Sparrow day.!!! This day is celebrated on the ‘20 March’every year around Global environment. This day is celebrated to create awareness about house sparrows and other common birds that are ending or over from the planet. This day had been celebrated to conserve the importance of sparrow and other birds over the Earth.

This day celebration was initiated by the Nature Forever society of India and various National and International societies across the World.This had been introduced to bring focus of individuals for the conservation of House sparrows and common birds. 

The Report and claim behind it to conserve beauty and manage biodiversity. The First time was celebration took place in the year 2010 in different parts of World. This day is celebrated with the pomp and shower. On this the sparrow gets different and special value to sparrows. The People celebrate it by giving food and water to them or consider water bowls for them,  and high sky flies.

This day is programmed with various schedules such as railes , events etc. The Day provides broader vision to provide a platform for those individuals who are working for the conservation of Nature and Sparrow. They manage network , collaboration and conservation ideology which claims for the best results.

This day is to define the individuals to educate the current condition of the environment which is making many species disappear. This day acknowledges the environment of pollution and no caring for nature variability. The aim of day celebration is to conserve and manage the prosperity of nature and Sparrow.

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