World Water Day 2021

World Water Day 2021
World Water Day 2021

Wishing you a very happy World Water Day!!! This day is celebrated on ‘22nd March’ every year across the Globe. This day was first celebrated on ‘22nd March 1993’ . This day was observed by the various organizations of the World wide and UN member States. This day celebration aims to educate the people about the value of Water.

World Water Day is celebrated with the varieties of programs across the World. This day is celebrated to create awareness among the people of the World related with the Water resources and management. This day celebration is associated with the water problems among the World. 

World Water day is celebrated to generate the focus of the people to conserve water , clean water and their sustainable management. The Goals of this day to consider the importance and value of Water for the current and future generation.

In 2019 , the program schedule with the theme ‘Leaving no one behind’. The Aim to commence every individual with the conservation and management of Water. In 2020 , the program theme schedule will be ‘Water and Climate Change’. The Aim to commence and report the people about the changes measure in water and climate senses. Each year is associated with a particular theme.

This day is a major to raise money for water projects. This day associates the value and report of Water around the planet.This day was introduced to consider the importance of freshwater and their resources. The Need of day celebration regards the bad and unfavorable report of Water.

Water is an important element for survival of Living Life. This is not associated with living but for various works such as cleaning , cooking etc. Without water Living beings can’t survive. Due to these works and overuse of water for enjoyment lead decrement of water such as Holi playing with the water , vehicle washing etc.

This is associated with the polluted and dirty water considered by the people due to performing multiple tasks over them such as cooking food at the site , Washing clothes , bathing etc. This association would like to prohibit and manage the cleanliness and healthy environment of Water.

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