World Television Day 2021 Images, Quotes, Theme, 21 November

Happy World Television Day !!

Meaning of Television

Television is a type of mass media. Television was the First and largest video source of consumption. Television media provide entertainment , politics , news and gossip etc. which gives happiness and joy to life. Television is that source which forgets or overcomes the tension , negative thoughts and health issues.

world television day
world television day

Television is kind of trolling which helps the people to know about the whole world from the far cities. Television is a type of electronic equipment which defines all the data and graphs of the World.

In Modern days , Television is projected in various forms with various facilities. Various forms such as LED , LCD , Slim body etc. while various facilities as connection of internet , connecting with mobiles , video calling etc.

World Television Day 

World Television Day is a special Day considered at every phase of World. World Television Day is also called ‘International Television Day’.World Television Day observed annually.World Television Day assured under the approval of the United Nation General Assembly. World Television Day doesn’t grant any official holiday.

World Television Day established in the Year 1996. From 1996 , World Television Day is considered from every year of ‘21st of November’. In 2020 , 23 Years of World Television day will be complete. 

World Television Day is celebrated to inform people about the favorability or importance of television. World Television day shows the value of television. World Television Day is celebrated to bring focus of people on another source of Entertainment and news. World Television Day defines the beneficial purpose of Television.

World Television Day is celebrated for the people , so that they get to know about other media phase Televisions behind older ones such as Radio or offline news paper.World Television day celebrated for the people who are unaware of this (television) media phase.

World Television Day is celebrated to commend not only the people of the world but the governments of countries to consider the programs or schemes  to support the television media , so that they provide unbiased information to the World. World Television Day is celebrated that the government should initiate to develop the source of entertainment and information.

World Television Day celebration

On World Television Day , many personalities from countries came up together and discussed the measures to bring television demand again. On this day , personalities focus on the obstacles which far the television importance for the people lives.

On World Television Day , corrective actions are projected so that the television gets their prestige and value again. On this day , various campaigns , events , and programs are organized which attracts the people to use the televisions again for the source of entertainment or news.

This day mainly focuses on the youth generation because they are the ones who firstly boycotted the television. World Television Day attracts the youth generation to come up with ideas and innovation to restore television in daily life.

World Television Day Quotes

World Television day is celebrated to overcome the reduction value of television from the people ‘s lives. World Television day is celebrated which spreads their message for the television importance. Motive of world television day to promote the television and their vision.

As World television day notices by the people which attract them or bring focus of their to television. World Television day projected some interesting phases in the form of quotes which attention seekers and know more about the international celebration of television day.

  • “I used term ‘Television’ to define the phase of ‘ big source of information’ “
  • “Thanks television , to make us lockdown entertaining and informative”.
  • “Television is a good source of togetherness and care”.
  • “Television , thank you for making our holidays best of laughter and together”.
  • “Home without television , like house’.
  • “Mobiles , Laptops and Tablets can’t replace the television from our life and heart”.
  • “It is unforgettable times of Black and white times of television”
  • “Finding Real source of Entertainment , buy television’.

World Television Day 2019

World Television Day 2019 observes the current condition of people due to development of many tools of media such as mobile , tablet and Laptops. World Television day 2019 respects all these tools (mobiles , laptops , tabs) but committed that television is more than these tools because they will provide you information but leads to health issues as weak eyesight , network force on body leads to health issues.

World Television Day 2019 considers the television variable for the people as television runs on a phase of wires and big screen size would not commit all these problems.The World Television Day 2019 motive to restore the excitement of seeing television in the people of World.

World Television Day 2019 theme 

World Television Day 2019 theme was ‘ Impact Television’. World Television Day 2019 theme means to show the impact of television on the daily life basis of people. World Television day 2019 theme was to raise awareness of people about their decision making.

World Television Day 2019 theme was to focus on the impact of television on their vision to the world. Television helps them to know about the world and ideas of making it better and developed.

World Television Day 2020

World Television day would be focused on the sustainable development of entertainment and information (in the form of news channels or discovery channels). In present conditions people are busy with their easy to carry tools which make them remain in their particular life which leads to health issues , selfish thoughts etc.

Due to this world is limited with the people and source of information and World television 2020 motive to overcome these problems of limitation.

World Television Day 2020 will initiate programs which attract the number of people and return back to big screen mode of entertainment or news that is television. World Television day 2020 motive to schedule the television in people’s lives again and define their actual current condition live with a big screening area.

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