World Telecommunications and Information Society Day 2021

World Telecommunications and Information Society Day
World Telecommunications and Information Society Day

The World Telecommunications and Information Society Day is celebrated worldwide on 17th May. It is a digital medium that has become very important in the entire world in today’s time. Digital they are very simple because of this everyone can easily use them.

World Telecommunications and Information Society Day is being celebrated in time. In 2019, the theme of this day was titled “Enabling the positive use of Artificial Intelligence for All”. By celebrating this day, people can get a solution to all their problems. You can easily get any information.

We all know about telecommunication. It is a medium of communication. This allows any person to talk to their acquaintances in any country. One can know about sitting by sitting on anything. It is both digital and technical. Nowadays every person is public about it.

There are also many helpline numbers by telecommunication which are connected to different departments and fields. If a person ever needs or does not have any information, then he can get information through them. It is a very good source of awareness.

People can easily share any thing through telecom or can also get information about them through helpline numbers. This is a very good facility in the whole world that connects every country and city with each other. It has also contributed a lot in the field of education and society.

World Telecommunications and Information Society Day is a very special day. Because it also helps crime. Nowadays, there is some kind of crime everywhere that affects the society. This makes people feel comfortable. But it also provides security with system awareness.

Global environment is also positive due to the security system being strong. Because when there is less crime in the society or there will be a strong security system to stop the crime, then it will also have a positive effect on other things. Positivity is a means of better construction.

Information Society Day is also involved in this as can be seen from tittle. There are many people in the society who are deprived of education. Because of this, they do not know about their rights. Because of this they are always scared and suffer injustice. This also causes a lot of difficulty in their lives.

Therefore society should know about its rights. So that they can get their authority. It also includes internet. As everyone uses Internet in today’s time. If they have to take any type of information, then search on Internet. Due to which they get proper information and there is no doubt of any kind.

Business is also done through internet and telecommunication. It has also contributed immensely in the commercial field. This contribution is also helpful in giving employment to people. This has also improved the economy. Because if the business is good then the economy of the country also grows.

World Telecommunications and Information Society Day is always celebrated with a new theme. So that people get awareness. It was also an important part of the development of the country. This has also improved the level of education. Because when people know their rights, they can easily take advantage of all the facilities without any hindrance.

This is why World Telecommunications and Information Society Day is celebrated with happiness throughout the world. Because it is being used everywhere in today’s time. With this, everyone is also able to understand its import and value. They are also understanding their objects, thereby eliminating negativity.

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