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World Teachers Day

World Teachers Day is a special day celebrated every year across the Globe. World Teachers day is celebrated on ‘5th October’. World Teacher day is a day on which official holiday is granted in some countries. World Teachers day is a one day event. World Teachers day is also known as International Teachers Day.

World Teachers Day is celebrated to honor the Teachers over the Map. World Teachers day is celebrated as it is tribute to the teachers. World Teachers day celebration is considered in the form of happiness and joy.World Teachers day is celebrated in many countries but some have different dates and ways of celebration.

World Teachers day is celebrated to admire and respect the work of teachers for the world. World Teachers day is celebrated for teachers by students. However , In India two teachers’ day is celebrated, one is on ‘5th of September’ and another is on ‘5th of October’. World Teachers day is a day of great personalities who waved their small ones on the path of knowledge and success.

World Teachers day is celebrated for the teachers who gave and distributed their knowledge to others in a selfless way.World Teachers day is celebrated to admire the sacrifice of teachers for their students.World Teachers day is celebrated to appreciate the work , love and care of teachers for their every student.

About World Teachers Day

World Teachers day celebration was introduced in the year of 1994 by signing the 1966 of UNESCO/ ILO. Teachers day in India is celebrated in the memory of ‘Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’. As on 5th october  , because this was Dr. Radha Kishan birth anniversary. World Teachers day has been given a priority by students , as it is a day for their people , their sacrifice , for their strugglers.

Teachers Day

World Teachers day is celebrated to worship the incarnation of God. Teachers are known equal to god , as they know so as they have given knowledge of God to us. Teachers are appreciated with many words and phases , as their hard work and concern for their students life is more than their life.

World Teachers day is celebrated in many educational institutions in the form of events , parties , programs , speeches , and surprises. On World Teachers day , students organized many things which impress and made them happy. World Teachers is a thanking ceremony by students to their God (Teachers) who addresses them for every phase of life in which they get happiness and success.

Need of World Teachers Day

The Need of celebration of World Teachers Day as the teachers are losing their respect . Even They Don’t realize the meaning of their Importance in the life of their students. Teachers are just consider it their work. Due to this , Teacher are leaving their post and switching to others.

World Teachers Day Significance

The Purpose of Celebration teachers are honored. Even Students gets a platform to tribute and regard them their importance and value in their life. On this day , even world is expressing Thank to them to way the world at the positive and welfare platform.

On World Teachers Day , students prepare events for their teachers such as plays , dramas , competition , speeches and poem to make their (Teachers) day special and Students. On This day , students consider surprises , gifts , cards to them and express their view which they can’t express to them.

World Teachers Day Celebration

On this day , Various personalities from the world came and discuss about the measures to take for the welfare and rights of teachers and their students which can progress our world at the way of development and advancement. On Teachers Day , Teachers are honored with awards and rewards who worked for the welfare of the world.

World Teachers

On World Teachers Day , From the Countries various professor came across to discuss on new topics and measures which can helps the students in way towards their future. Various New Topics and subjects analysed with their problems and issues to them and their students.

On World Teachers came across the for the welfare of their students to knew them every single detail about the world and phase of life. World Teachers are came express to detail and knew about the various facts of education. On this Day , various expression are expressed and topics are vision for the new knowledge and information.

World Teachers Day 2019 Theme

World Teachers Day 2019 is based on theme program. World Teachers Day 2019 theme was ‘Young Teachers :The Future of Profession’. World Teachers Day 2019 theme address for the future.

World Teachers Day 2019 theme motive to spirit up the young teachers as they are the who in future to handle Teachers profession and guide their Younger teachers.World Teachers Day define the critical importance of Young Teachers in the teaching agenda.

World Teachers Day 2019 theme spirit up the younger teachers to came up with new ideas and policies with commit easy understanding and develop interest in topics which is attract the students and way to happy and prosper life.

World Teachers Day 2020 theme

World Teachers Day 2020 is projected on theme program. World Teachers Day 2020 theme would be ‘Teachers Leading in Crises , Re imaging the Future‘. World Teachers Day address the Crises and Future.

World Teachers Day 2020 Theme defining due to pandemic of covid 19 teachers are in crises. However , the education patterns are late due to their situation , they unable to consider their students with the new facts and proper education.

World Teachers Day 2020 theme in search of best measures which would lighten the students path in pandemic , so that there year and knowledge would not incomplete. Teachers are in search of best methods or measure which rebuild their students path.

Due to this , Teachers imaging for the future deals which would be favorable for their students. World Teachers Day 2020 theme is anxious teachers for the students and their future.

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