World TB Day 2021

World TB Day 2021
World TB Day 2021

World TB day , This day is celebrated on ‘24th March’ every year. The Celebration takes place around the Globe. This day had observed in 1882 by Dr. Robert Koch. The Day is celebrated to create awareness among the people regarding the disease of TB (Tuberculosis). It is associated with educating the public about the effects and impact of TB’s.

This day is celebrated to eliminate these diseases from the Global environment.This day is scheduled with a program such as events , railes and Performance. The World TB Day is celebrated to bring attention to the public over this problem and how to overcome this problem.

This is associated with the Global Public Health campaigns which are marked by World Health Day , World Blood Donor Day etc. In 2012 , 8.6 million people fell ill with the TB Problem and 1.3 million died. This is associated with the global epidemic problem and their solutions.

In 2019 , The program schedule theme was ‘It’s time’. The aim was to raise awareness among the people diseases which upset an raising among them. In 2020 , the program theme schedule would be ‘IT’s TIME ‘ . The Aim would be to control TB and eliminate deadly disease.

TB is Deadly and infectious disease which is the last step for the death of Person. It is known as killer disease.However the programs have managed to prevent and cure measures. The WHO had launched an ner phrase known , #EndTB , which means to end or overcome this disease.This is driven under the Universal Health coverage.

The World TB day is celebrated for the two types of individuals which are as follows:

  • Who were suffering from this disease.
  • Who are in position to suffer.

This involves health care , Treating and Managing events. The awareness proclaims in the social and Economic Environment. TB had also known various names such as consumption , Kings Touch etc. The TB day is celebrated to focus on the disease of TB and manage various measures to overcome it.

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