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The World Sports Journalists Day is celebrated every year on 2nd July. It belongs to sports and its importance is in the field of sports. We all know about sports and also know how much sports. Different tournaments related to sports are held in different countries.

World Sports Journalists Day 2020
World Sports Journalists Day 2020

There are many sports in the world which are played at international level such as cricket, hockey, tennis, badminton, running, football, basketball, polo, chess, shooting, gymnastics, Kabaddi etc. All these plays are played. They also have special significance. Different countries have different national games.

World Sports Journalists Day is for those who tell about sari information about games. There are different information in the games which people are excited to know such as which player is playing, what time, over, what score is going on in the game etc. Sari information only tells a sports journalist.

All of them have sports journalists in the sports playground. After analyzing them, he tells them. For this, they also need to have complete information about sports. Because knowledge is very important for correct information. On this day, they are celebrated for supporting them.

World Sports Journalists Day is celebrated with different themes. . Only sports players understand their value and importance. Because whenever they are in the ground, what responsibility does a journalist have, only they can understand it. For this reason, this day is celebrated for them so that they can get motivation. This day is a source of inspiration for them.

The World Sports Journalists Day has been celebrated since the time when a journalist’s role was seen at the time of Olympics. We all know about the Olympic Games that it is a game of very tough competition. In this, the players have to pass the national level competition and the international level competitions first. The best players are then selected for the Olympic Games.

Sports journalists tell about these games and the ongoing situation in these games. These games are shown on the World Channel. With this, people from all over the world watch these games and after that the sports journalists tell their full story in detail in a short way that makes the people understand the performance of the game.

With this, even when sports are running, they keep telling their comments so that the status of that match is known. He has a very good role in sports. It is celebrated every year to convey the importance of this role to the people. This also leads to a new thinking in the field of sports and progress in the journalistic field.

world sports journalists day
world sports journalists day

In order to celebrate World Sports Journalist Day in the year 2019, its theme “Media for Democracy: Journalism and Elections in Times of Disinformation” was created. This is a subject which is a part of sports development. Keeping the theme serves one of the main purposes of celebrating the day. Plans related to this purpose are made.

Sports journalists are only one kind of media journalists. But he did not work on social news and sports news. They are required to keep all types of sports news and the same is given to the people of society and country. They always have to be vigilant. Because of this, this day gives them respect and support.

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