World Social Media Day 2021, Theme, Quotes

Every year on ‘30 June’ people celebrate event day with the Grand celebration.30June is celebrated so ..because this is a day of ‘Social Media’.On this day ,’World Social Media Day’ is celebrated.This day had one day celebration.This day is celebrated for the entertainment and fun times.

With the history …first was telephone , second was the Fax machine and now social media helps the maintaining the connection between the people with their dear ones. In History , In telephone and fax machines people can express their feelings in communication or written form. However the telephone is enabled as it is not affordable by every person , Fax machine needs a nearby computer or online center.

In today’s scenario , history has been little modified Social media existence. With the expression of feelings in written form or communication it is able to see and find that person. There is no boundation of  wires. With this , people are able to communicate with their long distance people or far over . 

world social media day
world social media day

It is also known as the connection of people with feelings and love. Social media has also been involved in the development of World.As social media is popular because it gives varieties of functions and comfort to the people such as Video calling , Written communication (in form of chat as an Facebook , whats app).

Social media with development leads to trade areas. Many markets are running due to social media of the major examples is ‘Share Market’. This had overcome the burden of marketers as an For far branches for one head. This Media had given rise to the International Market.

Social Media leads the development of Nation by connecting India with other developed countries. It helps to know what is currently happening over the world. With this , we get to know the strategies and mind set behind the inventions or other good policies. This helps to help the government conditions of the nation.

Social media is considered another world which has significance but possesses no tangible existence.Social media has defined another phase of world.In this world , people had existence (in form of Id ) over the World. Social media is a platform to define our identity in the World.

Social media is a platform which is charged but highly affordable.This is a platform which is not bounded and exists among air as it is wireless. In today’s scenario , every person is using social media as a student for knowledge , marketers for trading times etc. It is considered a great invention for the world.

World Social media day is celebrated to draw the attention of people towards another phase to know the world. This day to know the significance of social media among the world. This day is celebrated to honor the another phase of media that is Social ones where every person troll their views , knowledge and feelings.

This day defines the prosperity of social media. This day is celebrated with the events and theme program which make the celebration more interesting and exciting. One of the major events is against social media crime which people get to know how crime took place , its overcoming , expectations etc.

In 2020 , the theme would be ‘ An equal world to be enabled world’ which means to focus on the condition of women over the world. With this theme , this focuses on the current social issue which affects the women’s lives. With this theme , they want to know in which situation the women survive in the world in the form of videos , pictures and written messages.This theme is correctly measured to empower the women against their rights.

With this program , it helps in building the new hope , spirit and joy among women’s lives. This helps the women to complain and initiate for them by considering the non violence and many loud programs.This is the best example to motivate the others , if there is a problem or affect to their lives against any social reason.

World social media day considers mainly youngsters because they better know how to celebrate this idea , they are cretivers and future of the world. World social media is not about using social media over the day but to prefer it as a medicine.However , the social media has become an important part of life , with which we are incomplete.

According to research , major people spent their help of the day on social media. Social media is a source of knowledge , entertainment , news and connection. The Majority of the people prefer entertainment (in the form of video , images , films ) and connection (using chat apps such as Facebook , telegram , Instagram and whats app). Around 70% people prefer it (as above mentioned).

Social media day defines the people not to consider this invention in bad or unusual practices such as crimes , hacking etc. This day encourages the people to use it in better form as an effective and efficient format. Social media day is celebrated to empower the world against the problem/worries and praise with the good and faithful work.

The Need of social media starts when the world is against and regretting social media due to some people.This has taken a war time. Due to this , World Media organizing has introduced this day , with this people can know about the social media data with the history of today’s need and prosperity.

The Purpose of World Social media , people had focused over the significance and protection from the bad practices.This Social media day is celebrated over the World , with best practices. World social media had significance for the media network , which is for the people’s faith and concern.

Wishing you very Happy Social media day , enjoy your day!!

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