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 World Sanskrit Day , This day is celebrated on ‘5 Sept’  at the yearly frequency at the level of Global . This day is celebrated to educate the people about another factor of language and literature assurance known as ‘Sanskrit’.This day is celebrated to educate the people about the elegance of the language of Sanskrit.

World Sanskrit Day 2020
World Sanskrit Day 2020

This day is celebrated to promote and value the people , and taking  and making interest in it. This day is celebrated to recognize the Indian terminologies and their elegance. This day is celebrated to recover the Sanskrit language and literature priority among the Public.

However the Sanskrit is derived from the Indian ancient times used in Vedic period and historical period. This day is celebrated to recover Sanskrit from the endangered times. The Sanskrit had special value and privilege for the Indian people which attach and belong to them with the past and their nation or country.

This day is celebrated at the World level because the people are forgetting the Sanskrit privilege among their life. This day claims for the promotions and revises this language among the public. This is not language or literature but an emotional expression which is attached with  our mental and identity state. 

world sanskrit day
world sanskrit day

This day is also known in Hindi language , ‘Sanskrit Diwas’. This is celebrated in educational institutions and organizations . This day is associated with the programs , events , documentaries , camping and speeches. This day ..according to Indians , a celebration of their mother languages.

This day is celebrated on the Shravana purnima ..Full moon day according to Hindu calendar as Indian terminology. However the Sanskrit language is regarded as a classical language. This is regarded as one of the most precious languages among the World language listing.

This day is celebrated to bring focus to the people about the favorability , significance and  productivity of these languages. The Principal aims of this day to commence this language among the people’s mindset and daily basis especially in the Indians.

Sanskrit is regarded as a source of communication and regarded as God language. This day defines the culture of India  and tradition. This day is assuring the language’s privilege. This day promotes the spiritualist and perfect grammar commitment.

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