World Safety and Health day 2021

World Safety and Health day
World Safety and Health day

World Safety and Health day , This day is celebrated on ‘28 April’ every year across the World. This day is celebrated to educate the people about safety and good health. This day celebration is not required but this to be proceeded throughout the year.

The day celebration  promotes safety , health and well being. This day is scheduled with the various programs such as Programs , events , campaigns and Rallies. The day celebration is inspired by the ILO (International Labor Organization). This day brings the focus of people about safety and health security.

This day creates awareness about health and security safety. This day celebration is related with the present and future generation. This day focuses on two topics such as : safety and Health.

  • Safety regards with the working place and unpredictable accidents .
  • Health regards for the security and focusing on fitness related challenges and values.

The Mission of the day celebration is to help companies and organizations to achieve safety and health among the Working commodity or working place. This day promotes the precautions regarding safety and health. This day protesting against the organization and companies who don’t follow this act of rule.

This day is to innovate to acknowledge the people about their rights , favourability and importance among the society. This day contributes to providing quality health and safety to people. This day is celebrated with the effective and efficient manner.

The Purpose of this day celebration to bring attention worldwide to an important point of concern and discussion of safety and health value among the society and organization. The Aim to commence the world safer and healthy lives. This programs had a schedule theme for the events and programs organization.

In 2019 , The program schedule theme was ‘Safety , Health and Future of Work’. The Aim was commending safety , health precautions which leads to enhancement for the future times to work or working progression.

In 2020 , the Program theme was ‘Intended to focus’. The Aim will be to focus on the emerging trends and risks taking place at the Working place while workmanship such as injuries , diseases to overcome or minimize or get rid of.

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