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World Refugee Day , Every year on ‘20June’ celebration takes place at the Global level. This day is celebrated to create value and respect the refugee’s. This day is celebrated to overcome the problem and challenges of refugees. This day is celebrated to educate and acknowledge the people’s conditions of refugees.

World Refugees Day 2020
World Refugees Day 2020

The Subject had defined the term ‘Refugee’  which claims for those people who were forced to leave their country due to circumstances such as disaster , persecution etc. In a simple order , they have to migrate and be displaced from their places to another. This is the displacement of lives from one to another ones but livelihood too.

This day focuses on the problems , obstacles which create the situation. This day educates the people how to overcome , minimize and get rid of this situation. This day encourages the strength and understanding of people to compete with the situation. This day involves the precautions and prime timinaries to solve this situation.

This day is celebrated to regard the people for the management and efficient use of resources. This day consider the issues , impacts faced by the refugees and others too.This day addressing the humanity aspiration among this situation. This day had been justified under the United nation organization.

This day is dedicated to those personalities who have suffered these problems and recite them a ‘Salute’.This day shows the unfavorable conditions of the planet due to people recalcitrant to survive the luxuries life such a s furniture , leather bags , precious stone etc.

This day stands and supports the refugee parties and protests against the inadequate behavior by the others. This day is a global day and doesn’t commence any holiday. This day expresses the emotions , stress of the refugees and motivation to do something for them.

This day ensures the peace and security of lives and World. This day focused on global warming , mining , deforestation etc. This had a proper and official logo which is blue colored and white background. This is followed by the smaller text named ‘United Nation Refugee Agency’.

This day is the theme program schedule . In 2019 , the program schedule defines a theme which was ‘Step with the refugees’ . The Aim was to cooperate and coordinate and help them. This claim to take steps with the refugees either as helping and supporting feet.

In 2020 , the theme would be ‘Strength and Encourage’. The Aim would be to provide strength to refugees and encourage the men , children and women to face it. This leads to engorgement of the public too and supports them who were becoming homeland to disaster , conflicts etc.

The Principal aims of this day celebration to comfort and save the refugees with physical and mental assurance. This aims to overcome the threat of refugees and their conditions or situations. This day also regards for the honor and salute to them.

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