World Red Cross Day 2021

World Red Cross Day
World Red Cross Day

World Red Cross Day is celebrated every year on 8th May in the whole world. World Red Cross Day is the birthday of “Jean Henri Dunant”. He was born on 8th May, 1828. He was a social worker who encouraged the development of the spirit of service among all people.

World Red Cross Day celebrated for humanity. So that the victims can get help and can also be treated. Many people are working to help in this. Along with this, there are many organizations which are helping themselves. This day is celebrated only for the development of humanity.

Celebrating the World Red Cross Day, people have got a lot of facilities. Like they donate blood, liver, kidney, eye, etc. This gives them a new direction of life. Celebrating this day has helped people in fighting many diseases such as dialysis, cancer, anemia, thalissemia, eye diseases etc.

World Red Cross Day is celebrated every year with a new theme. In order to bring awareness towards social service. Because there comes a time when a person needs another person. This day is celebrated for this. It keeps love in all, everyone works in unison.

Jean Henry was also awarded the Nobel Prize for similar social service. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1901. This inspired people. It works with a positive purpose. Everyone cooperates in this. Red Cross Day has been celebrated for many years. Red Cross is an organization that works for all beings.

In this, an initiative was taken to end war and violence. It was a time when there was an era of war and there was an atmosphere of unrest all over the world. In such a situation, celebrated was delivered to everyone on this day.

World Red Cross Day is considered a tradition in today’s time, which is celebrated in all the countries. It gives the feeling of living in everyone. So that people show courage in fighting bad situations.

Red cross diseases are told about diseases, which have always been a matter of concern in society. It gives relief from anxiety to people. Because people are aware of this towards diseases. Illness can occur at any time for which it is necessary to be careful and timely treatment is necessary.

The Red Cross organization also provides treatment to those who cannot get their treatment done. It can also be called a service. It has always been in the society in some form or the other. Because whenever someone needs help, there is full support of society and relatives.

The World Red Cross Day is an international level celebration. It is celebrated in all government and private departments. Where on this day everyone is given some consultation, different camps are also organized in which body part tests and blood donation etc. are also done.

These are all part of a healthy life. Healthy life is always a strong supporter of any human being. That is why healthiness has been given importance and different days are celebrated to make people aware about it and the awarding theme of social servin is organized.

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