World Press Freedom Day 2021

World Press Freedom Day
World Press Freedom Day

World Press Freedom Day celebrated on 3rd May. Every year we celebrate this day for press executives. Press media is very important because they provide awareness in the society. People know about the world by press. 

We also know about press and freedom. Press means news media and freedom means independence of press. Press provide a way of information. They spread knowledge about everything like politics, sports, incidents or accidents, commercial news etc.

This day brings happiness in the press departments. They celebrate the day with enjoyment. Freedom is the right of every person. But press is different to normal human society. This day provides awareness about the press with importance. 

Press always provide right and legal news to all people. By press people easily know about their country’s matters. Country matters and business matters always affected their living life then press media providing them information in advance. 

Press freedom day is aware of press work. Press work is too difficult because they are always doing their work for humans. Press reminds duty to each government and private departments for their public and personal works. 

Press also provides help to students. Because these current affairs related to competition exams. Students want real news about all incidents.Then press freedom rights give legal ways to spread correct information. 

Press freedom is very important because it decreases the level of corruption and black marketing. Press always voice raise for humans and human rights. This is the best reason for celebrating world press freedom day. 

Freedom is very important for everyone. Freedom gives them the right direction in their working way. Press reached everywhere and anytime for cover right new at night or day. They always try to complete their duty for peace. 

Peace is important in the world. Then the press does work for peace and fight for human rights. Human rights related to equality, study, democracy, social security etc. That all are basic rights of humans. Press always try to make people aware about that. This is social serving. Then give respect to the press. 

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