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World Population Day is celebrated every year on 11 July. The world’s population is increasing day by day. To make people aware of this growing population, World Population Day is celebrated. So that people can control the population. Because they can pose a threat to the country’s economy.

World Population Day 2020
World Population Day 2020

China and India have the highest population in the world. The government also sets up several camps to control them. This makes people aware of them and thinks about the future of the country. The effect of increased population is negative on nature. Because it also worsens the graph of GDP.

World Population Day is celebrated everywhere. Such as schools, hospitals, other government and private departments etc. are celebrated. People who come here when they hear about it, they discuss it with each other. This has brought this thing to his mind and he also thinks about the increasing population and its side effects.

Increasing population also affects the economy of the country. Because with the increase of population, the expenses of the people also increase, this also affects their personal life. Due to the increasing population, people are not able to get employment on time. Due to lack of employment, the graph of the poverty line also increases. It also affects other things.

Increasing the population also affects the level of education. If the population becomes so, it also leads to a decline in the field of education. Because when the population increases, very few people are able to give proper education to their children. Therefore, it leads to considerable loss of education. Therefore, education also included Population Lessons.

world population day pic
world population day pic

There are many reasons for increasing population such as lack of education, differentiating people between boys and girls, not thinking about family planning, etc. Due to these, the continuous population is increasing. Because of this people are made aware of this.

Currently India’s population is 133. 92 crores and the world’s 7.7 billion. Due to the increasing population, the natural environment also has an effect. Because people are harvesting forests to live and eat. This is ending the wildlife. There is a situation of constant disasters, which stops the development of the country and the successful plans have not been achieved.

Due to this, the effect of increasing population is on both human and wild life. Therefore, one should also think about them. One should also think about controlling the growing population. People should be made aware about this because it is very important to understand the people of old ideology. .

By celebrating World Population Day, different plans are made to control population. But even if proper family planning is done, it is possible. Otherwise it can also cause the destruction of the Earth. If the Earth is no more, then it is impossible for a human to live. For this, attention should be paid to the increasing population and for this the country should cooperate.

On Every 11th July ‘World Population Day’ is celebrated at the Global level. This day is celebration to educate the people about the population problems and issues. This day was established by Governing council in 1989 to overcome the population. This day is defined under the 1994 International Conference on population and Development.

This day is associated with the Campaigns , rallies , events and programs. This day is celebrated to bring attention of the people about the problem of population….increasing % of human lives. This day defines the favorability and advantages of limited population. This day commence the future and present problems such as limited resources etc.

This day commit reproductive health and their Rights. This day commits for the gender equality and health for achieving the sustainable development. This day is celebrated under the Guidance of World Health Organization. This day defines the current report, graphs , condition which commits precautions to overcome it.

Increasing population is one of the greatest problems across the World. This leads to present and future problem…. ‘Present Problem’ uses of extraordinary resources, while ‘future problem’ it seeks opportunity such as jobs etc. This day mainly commits the youth generation involvation which results with the effective and efficient result.

The Need of this day formation because the people across the World are increasing while the resources are decreasing in unstopage manner. We can say for this day is celebrated for the outgrowth of human lives. This is a one of major stoppage in the development of country and world too. The Purpose of this day had minor change in populations’.

According to World Health Organization, By the ensuring these types of events celebration will bring effective change one day. Population is obstacle regarding achieving success or any targeted goal. The Larger the population larger loss ..Smaller the population will provide place or opportunity. This day is celebrated at the International involve.

These days is celebrated to educate the people about public or social concerns. Population increase is branch of the every problem such as : Employee exploitation , Competition , limitation over a criteria. World Population day is not day is an type of mission which claiming to limit the people over the planet.

The Initiation had to take by the Government by measuring rules and rights. Every person had right to live with their needed resources but the problem of increasing population had proved it wrong due to this day celebration taken place. However , In November….The Government of Denmarks and Kenya together discuss this problem at the High level of conferencing.

The World Population day is best effective manner which wake up people regards this problems and referring them best effective manner to overcome it. This day is protesting against the higher population enhancement and degradation of necessary resources such as land for housing or building etc.

This day measures for the small initiatives ..steps which response effective and best ones. This day doesn’t associates with the negativity , cursing population etc. but to commit in easy and positive affects.

This day is associated with the theme programs which make it more interesting. However,  In 2018 the theme was ‘Family Planning is Human Right’…In which program commits for the planning of family , they regard it their human right which motivate the people adds an change to the increasing criteria of population.

In 2019 , The theme was ‘Women Reproductive Health’…the motto to overcome the multiple pregnancy and birth of child. This theme focuses on birth or born criteria and child in a family. The Theme was held at the ‘Cairo’. This day was satisfied and assurance of many countries of world. This is associated with the Development of program.

In 2020 , theme would be ‘Global Population’ in which all the problems and issues regarded the population would be discussed and taken action. In this conference new ideas or skims would be introduced to solve this major problem. This conference committing between the various countries at the level to take action.

This day is celebrated to educate the youth ones unwanted pregnancies . This day educate the primarily education for the youth friendly techniques. This day never link it with the shocking or uneasy would be simple and best education material.

This day is an International day which doesn’t commence for the celebration with the shower and pomp… it defines the languages of easy and effective knowledge or education to limit the population.

However the World population day was firstly celebrated on 1989. This day had draws the attention of people over small drastic problem which had been ignored by the people. The Motto behind the population day to limit the people over the number and develop them which automatically leads the way of success.

And if the Population would not be overcome this will lead great loss to economy (such as business , trades). The Population day is celebrated to limit the people at the global level which regards the minimization of future drastic problems.

The Aim of World Population day is to bring Gender equality , decreasing poverty , maternal health etc…And these problem would be solve by population control.Population is an solution to live with the prosperity and happily. Population control will help in best and better utilization of resources and survival ease.

So people now come and initiative towards the limitation of human lives. World Population day!!!!

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