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About Polio

Polio is a type of disease. Polio is also known as ‘Poliomyelitis’. Polio diseases disable the person from physical appearance. People mainly affected by polio had problems in their leg or hand. Polio is considered from the Polio virus.

The invention of oral polio was considered by the professor Albert Sabin in 1988 and established the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. As per the survey of 2019 , GPEI (Global Polio Eradication Initiative) had reduced the polio 99%.

Polio is not life taking diseases , but it considers life as a burden due to their affection. Polio restricts the physical parts , as it disables that part as a block.

Polio can be transmitted to a person (30%). This disease can be transmitted by coming in contact with polio or using their things. Symptoms of Polio , they are as follows:

  • Fever
  • Sore throat
  • Headache
  • Stomach pain
  • Nausea

These symptoms can affect the brain and spinal cord , they are as follows but consider in minimum people.

  • Paresthesia : feeling that something pinning needles in the legs.
  • Paralysis : People can move their parts , their physical moments block at this time.
  • Meningitis : covered the area of the brain and spinal cord.

World Polio Day History

World Polio Day was introduced by the ‘Rotary International’ over the decade ago . World Polio day is celebrated on the birth of Jonas Soalk who had firstly invented the vaccine against the Polio diseases.

World Polio day is celebrated under the guidance of the United Nation General assembly.

World Polio Day 

World Polio Day is awareness day celebrated across the world. World Polio day is celebrated every year of ‘24th of October’. World Polio day is celebrated at the annual frequency. World Polio Day is also known as ‘Polio Day or International Polio day’.

World Polio Day is celebrated to raise awareness of polio diseases in people. World Polio day is celebrated to educate about polio and their effects on human health. World Polio Day is promoting the prevention measure of polio. World Polio Day is a day to inform people about infectious and incurable diseases.

World Polio Day is celebrated to bring the attention of people towards the health disease named ‘Polio’. This day is also celebrated to bring the focus of the Government towards this dangerous disease which blocks the part of the human body. This day forces the government to develop medical treatment and various schemes and policies for the polio affected people.

Need of World Polio Day 

As India is widely affected by polio diseases. India had lost so many people to polio diseases. In times of past people are not familiar with this disease and unknown with tier precautions and symptoms.

They treat polio diseases with normal health issues , as the polio symptoms are common. Due to common treatment it gave rise to polio virus.

World Polio day needs arise by analyzing the past and present condition , so it would not commit crises in future times. The Need arises when every person is facing symptoms of polio and not curing with common health treatments.After the research , they came to need polio day celebration.

World Polio Day in India

World Polio day in India consider the campaigns and committees who performs many functions related to polio diseases , they are as follows:

  • Treating Polio Patients
  • Giving drops of Polio vaccine 
  • Committing preventive measures of Polio and their infection.

World Polio Day in India as a social welfare movement. World Polio day in India prompting the polio prevention methods. World Polio day in India involves the doctors and nurses to take action on it and project special measures to overcome it.

World Polio Day 2019

World Polio Day 2019 initiates to rid off the polio diseases from the people surroundings and the world which leads to reduction of unknown health issues.World Polio Day 2019 step to for better medical treatment of polio.

World Polio Day 2019 will assure drops of polio to below 5 years children , so that they may not be infected from these diseases.World Polio day 2019 consider varieties of schedules which develop the immune system and don’t lead to polio.

World Polio Day 2019 theme

World Polio Day 2019 is projected on theme. World Polio Day 2019 theme was Save Lives’. World Polio Day 2019 theme address to save the lives of people. World Polio Day 2019 theme means to save the child’s life from the paralysis of polio diseases.

World Polio Day 2019 theme is educating the people updated with the polio vaccination which saves the lives of your dear ones.

World Polio Day 2020

World Polio Day 2020 would also be initiated for the polio diseases. World Polio Day 2020 will introduce the campaigns in which drops of polio are considered to children and aware them about the diseases.

World Polio Day 2020 highlights past and present conditions , and take action on it to safeguard the children from it and their effects. World Polio Day 2020 commits new facts and information related to polio diseases. World Polio Day 2020 will public recovery and affect people’s data.

World Polio Day 2020 will work on the advance medical treatment of polio and their preventive measures which are in large and protect and save from the polio.

World Polio Day 2020 theme

World Polio Day 2020 considers the theme program. World Polio Day 2020 theme would be ‘Coverage Vaccination’. World Polio Day 2020 theme means the world has to cover the vacation but fails to cover the number of children.

Parents or people should update their children with their vacation , so that their development would not block.

World Polio Day 2020 theme considering vaccination  as its motive to cover the children. World Polio Day 2020 theme wants to end polio by covering the children for polio drops.

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