World Poetry Day 2021

World Poetry Day 2021
World Poetry Day 2021

Wishing very Happy Poetry Day!!! This day is celebrated on the ‘21st March’every year. The Celebration takes place across the World. This day was introduced by the UNESCO (United Nation Educational , Scientific and Cultural Organization) in 1999 with the aim of promoting and value poetry expression and literature.

Poetry day is celebrated with a great pomp and shower. The Celebration had managed under the program schedule. The Program schedule managed with the events and performance’s in which poetry expression promotes and commenced.Poetry day is not celebrated for events and programs in which exchange of poetries takes place but to educate people about this part of Literature.

Poetry Day celebration needs and purpose to value and respect the reading , writing , Publishing and Teaching of poetry across the World. This day not only Value the Poetry but the poetriers too. The Day showers with the sweet and peaceful voice and vocabulary assertion which delight and fresher anyone.

This is associated with the International , National and regional poetry times , which means language and vocabulary assertion of poetry maybe defined in any variable (Hindi , English , French , German) it considers the same value and respect for them.

The Aim of day celebration to save endangered languages such as Hindi etc. Poetry day feels for the emotions of happiness , pleasure , motivation , innocence , purity and Understanding. This had not been not specified with a particular subject , it claims in variable subjects such as Motivational , Nature , Festival and mainly love affection.

Poetry is that part of literature which is known and attached to every individual with it.The Poetry had been defined in ancient times for entertainment purpose. Poetry is a part of literature which manages the feelings according to the assertion. It is more powerful than vocabulary assertion or gestures commencement.

Poetry had a unique and special inspiration or spirit which provides freshness and enlightenment in mental state (mainly which is heart and mind). This is one of the humanities aspirations which displays and identifies cultural authority. This is associated with the simpler types of statements and feelings.

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