World Ocean day 2021

World Ocean day
World Ocean day

World Ocean day , This day is celebrated on the ‘8th June’ every year around globally. However this day had been observed from Canada in 1992. This day had been identified under the Canada International Center for Ocean development and the Ocean Institute of Canada. This day is assured under the UNCED (United Nation Conference on the Environment and Development).

This day is supported for the Sustain development Goals. The Aim to bring focus on the people under the management of the ocean and its resources. This was officially identified by the UN in 2008.This day is celebrated to recognize the role of oceans in the lives surviving.

This day had also focused on the water level reduction. This day had marked the ocean’s equality with oxygen , however this is true. The day is celebrated to educate the people on the oceans such as bathing , washing and impure it by various methods.

The Day celebration for taking pledge to consist and constant the beauty , wealth and safety of the ocean. This day focuses on the problems , challenges and obstacles regarding ocean related activities such as Marine scientific research , fishers , migration through water and Human trafficking.

This day regards for the conservation and sustainable use of oceans which can manage an lives survival for the future and present generation. This day is protesting against the hazardous and endangered action of people on the oceans. This day is also denied to educate and acknowledge the people about the variability of the ocean and their appearance. This day defines the duty of people to preserve our ocean . This brings the world together and cooperates to perform this particular event.

This day adds a flavor of emotion too such as innocence , purity , happiness , caring , spirit and motivation. However in order for committing the ocean variability it had been right said by Fabien Cousteau – “Without water our planet would be one of the billions of lifeless rock floating endlessly in the vastness of inky black void”.

The Principal aim would be to safeguard and freeze the ocean on the planet. The Day to save equilibrium of water and lives (human and specifies both). To pledge for the ocean to make it heaven and pure for the survivors.

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