World Milk Day 2021

World Milk Day
World Milk Day

World Milk day , this day is celebrated on 1st June’ every year across the World. This day is associated with the Food and Agriculture organizations. This day is celebrated to create value and importance of global food as Milk. This day is celebrated to bring focus of people about the dairy products or sector and mainly milk.

The Innovation of this day was enacted in the year of 2001 in the Month June. This day is celebrated to provide value to community groups , dairy producers , farmers and health organizations. This day is considered to educate and acknowledge the people’s favor ability of Milk .

This day focuses on the Milk and dairy sector products. This day provides an opportunity for dairy sector activities. This day is observed by the United Nations Organization. This day consider the report analysis and criteria analysis of milk consumption , supply etc.

However this day is associated with the programmed schedule such as events , campaigns and rallies. In 2019 , the program theme was ‘Drink Milk – Today and every day’. The Aim was to consider the people about the consumption or drinking of milk every day and the benefits regarding that.

In 2020 , The program schedule theme would be ‘Natural Milk ‘. The Aim would define the origin  , nutritional value and its products and economic importance throughout the world. This day celebrates the dairy part which helps in a healthy diet , nutrition and protein value.

This day celebration involved for the togetherness and attachments. This day not only provides the importance of milk but adds an emotional flavor such as happiness , freshness , energy and spirit. This day is celebrated to aim to recognize the people’s value to milk and their consumption materiality.

However, the need of milk day is celebrated because people are getting occupied in the disease especially of malnutrition and low bones variability and also the dairy sector is also getting decreased with its percent. The Purpose of this day has increased the immunity and good health among the people (because this helps people to consider in a way) and the dairy sector is running in proper variability.

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