World Migratory Bird Day 2021

World Migratory Bird Day
World Migratory Bird Day

The World Migratory Bird Day is celebrated every year on the second Saturday of the month of May. This day is for migratory birds. Migratory birds keep moving from one place to another. They change their placements during the season and leave again after some time.

World Migratory Bird Day is for birds only. Some people capture the birds in a cage and then lock them in the house. Due to this, their number in the forests is decreasing day by day. Species of some birds that are endangered today. This is the reason for their short days.

Birds have always been promoting the beauty of Earth. It is very important to save But the migratory birds which are migrating here and there, because of this, suitable place should also be made for them. So that birds outside can keep according to the climate and they do not face any problem.

world migratory bird day
world migratory bird day

World Migratory Bird Day is celebrated every year with a new theme for birds. The recording of these themes is given to them so that they can be protected and fulfill their needs. On this day only the people are aware of it. This awareness is very important which supports wildlife.

Wildlife is the global part of Earth. Therefore everyone is given protection according to their needs. The theme of World Migratory Bird Day in 2019 is “Protect Birds. Be the Solution to Plastic Pollution”.

We all know about plastic polishing. It takes years to melt the plastic and it stays there till then. Because of this, four more dirt appear. This plastic also goes into reverse and lux, which also leads to water pollution. Water pollution has an effect on the life of animals living in water.

The environment of Earth is linked to each other. This is why every little thing affects another. For example, air pollution affects human and wild life. Wild animals live in water and forest. The forest is being cut slowly. In the same way every living being is connected to another. All these are natural sources of Earth.

World Migratory Bird Day is celebrated only so that they can be protected. Along with their protection, other creatures also get protection. Because other creatures also live in the forest. The green world is as important as the wild life.

The number of Migratory Bird has started to decline gradually as people kill or capture them. Secondly, these birds do not get their recording environment, then they start dying. The danger of his life is increasing. Therefore, by celebrating this day, awareness is being brought among the people.

On the World Migratory Bird Day different camps are also organized, the exhibitions are also organized so that children can also know about them. Both awareness and knowledge are good sources that can give them protection. With this, the decline in the number of birds can be stopped.

World Migratory Bird Day for all birds. Because some migratory birds come here, other birds also go to other countries, so this day is celebrated in the world to protect them.

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