World Meteorological Day 2021

World Meteorological Day 2021
World Meteorological Day 2021

World Meteorological Day is celebrated on ‘23rd March’ every year. The Celebration takes place across the World. The World Meteorological day is celebrated to claim and identify the weather and climate conditions. The Aim of this day celebration is to bring focus of people towards the Weather and climate safety and measurability to their lives.

This day was introduced in the year of 1950’s of 23rd March by the Environmental protection organization. This day had considered an proper organization who manages the day celebration named , World Meteorological Organization. This organization (WMO) is associated with the Intergovernmental organization headquarters in Geneva , Switzerland and other members of the United Nation group.

The Meteorological day is a celebration to create awareness among the people about the current condition of weather and climate. This day focuses on the challenges , problems and measures managing the weather and climate unfavorable to the lives. This involves schedule programs to celebrate such as Railes , events etc.

This day also leads to the contribution of National meteorological and Hydro-logical services. This day has been standing under the support of environmental conditions. With this variability , we get to wind speed , rain enhancement etc. This is basically characterized with the category of Global management.

This day is celebrated to bring attention to individuals among the pollution , deforestation and various ones which consider for luxurious life. This day is celebrated to measure for that and manage in favorable form. This is a type of information and condition enchantment. This involves report and documentation analysis.

This day celebration is associated with the theme. In 2018 , the program theme was ‘Weather Ready , Climate Smart’. The Aim was this theme to define climate variability and long term climate change. In 2019 , the Program theme was ‘The Sun , The Earth and The Weather’. The Aim was to define the critical role of Earth Solar system. In 2020 , the program theme would be ‘Climate and Water’. The Aim of this theme to focus on the changing conditions of climate and water.

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