World Liver Day 2021

World Liver Day
World Liver Day

World Liver day , This day is celebrated on ‘19 April every year across the World. This day is celebrated to create awareness of liver related problems and disease.However the liver is known as the most complex body part.This part (Liver) is played an important role in the digestion process.

This day is celebrated because it is the most delicate part which can easily be damaged if it is not managed in the under care. The Liver is that part which fights with the certain problem and perform certain functions such as :

  • Removing toxic substances.
  • Fights with the infections and illness.
  • Help blood to clot.
  • Releasing bile.
  • Regulates blood sugar

This day educates the people about the liver part. This day defines the challenges , problems faced by the people and overcomes precautions. This day is associated with the World Health organization. This day knowledge identifies the people to get rid of and minimize the chances of liver problems. 

The Liver diseases doesn’t measure with any symptoms and sign , it is n’t placed directly it is commended Slowly. These diseases are not curable diseases however it can minimize diseases. This disease leads weight reduction , Loss of appetite and jaundice.

This day is associated with the welfare of People health. This day promotes focusing on minor and major problems regarding the liver.This day demonstrates the people suffering from the liver from and are to be. This day spread awareness among the people about the conditions of liver and health due to liver problems and cure ones.

This day is associated with the functions of the liver such as management and prevention of this disordered disease. If the liver stops for the primary functions then it may lead to hazardous and dangerous health issues such as cancer , cirrhosis etc.

This is recognized with the phrase ‘Keep Healthy your Liver and diseases free’. This day is associated with the programs such as events , campaigns and rallies. The Aim of this day to focus among the liver part and their precautions and safety with health of liver.

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