World Kiss Day 2021 Quotes, hd Images, July 6

International kissing day or world kissing day is an unofficial holiday celebrated each year on July 6. It was adopted worldwide in the early 2000s and originated in the United kingdom. 

Another date,13 February,has also been known as world kissing day which generally falls in the valentine week.National kissing day is celebrated on june22. 

Value of international kissing day

The purpose for the day is to remind people to recognize the symbol of deep love,passion,romance,affection,respect,care,greeting,friendship,sexual affection,good luck and peace between friends, couples, family and even pets. To show someone’s love deeply we often kiss them.

Kissing causes a chemical reaction in your brain including a burst of the hormone oxytocin. It’s often referred to as the “ love” hormone,because it strips off feelings and attachments.According to a 2013 study, oxytocin is particularly important in helping men bond with a partner and stay monogamous.

Through kiss we express love,care and affection to those who love you. It is the best gift to make people feel special and happy. According to a fact,a one kiss can  make you feel relaxed and make yourself happy and also stressful. 

It is really hard to describe the true love feeling of kissing,but it is a connection between two bonds of love who is formally known as made for each other or two people. A deep,passionate kiss is the sign that you totally fall in love for each other. The feel,the action and the expression show you that you both are together and want to be shown together in front of all communities of society. A kiss is just awesome,sweet and passionate feelings can make you more delighted. A kiss also dedicated to your loved one.

There is a saying : 

Kiss your partner wisely,they represent you.

Types of kiss and their benefits

Kissing is associated with romantic feelings, but there are more types of kisses. In recent history, before it was common for people to be able to write, an “X” would be signed and then it would be kissed as a pledge to honor the signature. 

According to psychlopedia,there are 23 types of kisses. Some of them are mentioned below :

  • A kiss on the cheek  is often used as a  greeting in some society.
  • A  forehead kiss means that you are mine.
  • A single lip kiss is the best way to tell your partner “ I LOVE YOU “. 
  • A French kiss is the most passionate way to kiss. A french kiss tops the list of kisses ! It is also called “Perfect kiss”.
  • Lizzy kiss is for those who share a high level of intimacy, it can prove to be really amorous ! 
  • An American kiss,is just like french kiss. It is a romantic moment can give both of you an erotic rush.
  • Nibble kisses can make your make-out session a lot more thrilling and would set the base for a lot extra!
  • There are many more types of  kisses like The butterfly kiss,the spiderman kiss,the lip gloss kiss,air kiss, underwater kiss,the sugar kiss, the vacuum kiss,the candy kiss etc.

Scientific facts of kisses

It is an ageless activity. Research has found that 5% of people over the age of 45 are locking lips at least 31 times in a week. 

A study of kissing reported in the book The Art of Kissing by William Case found : 

  •  A passionate kiss can burn 6.4 calories in a minute.
  • A Hershey’s kiss can contain 26 calories,which take 5 minutes of walking – or about 4 minutes of kissing – to burn off.
  • Lips are 100 times more sensitive than the tips of the fingers.
  • A kiss can boost your “Happy hormones”.
  • A kiss helps you to bond with the other person.
  • A kiss relieves stress and reduces anxiety.
  • A kiss can reduce blood pressure.
  • It can also help to relieve cramps and soothe headache.
  • A kiss can improve relationships better of all kinds.
  • A kiss is a solid barometer for physical compatibility with a romantic partner.
  • A kiss can also help you to more tighten and tone your facial muscles.

How to observe

Events are organized all over the world to celebrate International Kissing Day. Look for an event for those who have lovers and those who are looking for them.

Some places host kissing classes to teach students how to be the best kisser.

Social media has a big role to use #worldkissingday to publish it.

The bottom line

Kissing makes both parties feel good about themselves and can help strengthen relationships of all kinds, so kiss and kiss often. It’s good for you !

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