World Hypertension Day 2021

World Hypertension Day
World Hypertension Day

The World Hypertension Day is celebrated every year on 17 May. Hypertension is called high blood pressure. High blood pressure problems are commonly found in many people. This is a kind of health problem. Celebrating Hypertension Day brought awareness to the people. Awareness is very important.

The theme of Hypertension Day was kept in 2019 as “Know Your Numbers”. There is a very big purpose to celebrate it. The World Health Organization has advised to celebrate this day. Because not many people know about it. Sometimes high blood pressure also kills a person’s life. Therefore, this day began to be celebrated to warn people.

The symptoms of hypertension are not as viral as any. Its symptoms start appearing in different ways. If the blood pressure of a person is very high, then it can cause death due to heart attack, heart stroke, blindness, swelling in the body and sometimes due to lack of situational control.

People are given right treatment by celebrating World Hypertension Day. By this they know about one disease. So that they can save themselves. A health life can be adopted by being aware of health. It is celebrated at world level. Because the proportion of the ratio is about 30 years later, there is a risk of this disease in every human being.

Hypertension can also be controlled. Hypertension can be practiced to control. This keeps the body and brain maintained. Apart from this, food and drink should also be given attention. Because blood pressure can increase if food is not taken care of. Food should be consumed within its limit.

Anything can be the reason for increased blood pressure. This can also be the reason for daily activities. Sometimes it can be due to anger, happiness, tension, laughing etc. But it has a limit and it became difficult to control blood pressure when the limit was crossed. That is why health care should always be taken care of.

All people are made aware by celebrating World Hypertension Day. So that they can all be safe and welcome a healthy lifestyle. Regardless of his age, he should always pay attention to his health. Along with this, food diet should also be taken care of. One should follow discipline in life. Because discipline is very important. This gives a person the power to control himself.

Hypertension disease is very difficult to treat. For this, they can also consult a doctor. This will help them, which makes them aware for health. Camps are also organized at different places on this day. Also, children are also told in schools. So that the app can tell friends and family people about it.

Health has a very good medical role. Because medical is also taken for better health. Medical is a very good source. There is also a kind of medical serving department. Which serves the people. With this, they are also able to get right treatment for their health.

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