World Heritage Day 2021

World Heritage Day
World Heritage Day

World Heritage Day , This day is celebrated on ‘18 April’ every year across the World. This day is also known as ‘International Day for monuments and sites’. This day is celebrated to commence value and respect of Heritages.This day celebration recognizes visits of monuments and sites of heritage.

This day focuses on the precious heritages , cultures and religions values and vulnerability of the World. This day focuses on protection and conservation of heritages and old sites. This day focuses on the efforts and attentions of tourists and country people.

The Need of this day because the people are forgetting their culture , religion , values. This day connects people with the past. The purpose of day celebration encourages and informs people about their past , attached to them with cultural and religious value.

This day educated the people about past , present and future conditions. The Subject determining the heritage refers to old and ancient monuments and sites. This day is celebrated for endangered cultural values and languages among the people.

This day considers the development and growth of the countries because these sites and monuments refer in different countries which commence tourist visits more. This day connects and networks the people around at the global level.

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