World Health Day 2021

World Health Day
World Health Day

World Health Day is celebrated on ‘7th April’ every year across the World. This day is celebrated to create awareness of Health among the People.This was introduced in the year of 1948 and came into force in the Year of 1950.This day is scheduled with the programs , events , campaigns and Rallies.

Health day is celebrated to bring attention to the individual’s health issues , problems and Disease. Health day measure for the two events , Informing and overcoming or prevention. This day is observed by the World Health Organization.

The Aim of this day to create global health awareness. This is associated with the Health measures. It is associated with the phrase ‘Health is Wealth’. It is an important matter which requires management planning and application. This day educate people about the disease and precautions to overcome it.

This day involves the program organization at the National and International level. This day emphasis on the people regard the issues with their health and generating focus to cure it and prevention. This day is subjected to health awareness among various levels of societies as generation which is old , middle and future ones. These days programs help in providing knowledge to individuals and decreasing the spreading  of diseases.

This day helps to prevail the lethal diseases existing and commending the Individuals.This day celebration is supported by the different countries and their organizations and their people too. This mainly works on deadly disease issues such as TB , smallpox and Chickenpox etc.

This day programs schedule with the theme variability. In 2019 , ‘Universal Health Coverage’ which leads with the aim of covering the global environment to focusing the people about the subject of Healthiness. In  2020 , the program theme would be ‘People’s health’ , the aim was to give a message to individuals pre-curing diseases with financial variability. 

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