World Haemophilia Day 2021

World Haemophilia Day 2021
World Haemophilia Day 2021

World Haemophilia day , On every year of ‘17th April’ the world claims for the celebration of a special occasion of Haemophilia day. This day is celebrated to create awareness among the people about the disease of Haemophilia. This day is celebrated to educate about the Haemophilia day.

Actually , The Haemophilia diseases which mainly gain from the genetic or genes assurance. This is a type of disease which measures the bleeding disorder. 

This was founded in the year of 1989. This disease measures for the long time bleeding after an injury  , bruising , inside joints and brain. The Symptoms define after the surgery or accident.

This day gave rise to another day at the World level celebration known as , ‘World Federation of Haemophilia’. This day is celebrated to bring focus among the people who inherited bleeding and need to take measures for it. This day celebration involves the treatment and procuring of people from this disease. 

This day arranges for the program of ‘WFH Humanitarian aid program’. This day program for the schedules such as railles , campaigns  , training and events etc. his day programs for all countries whether developed and developing countries.

This day claims for the adequate curing and precautions factor. This day involves knowledge , education and precautions of disease. This not curable disease but can be minimized. The Day is not determining the favor ability of disease but how to overcome and ignore this disease.

The theme of ‘WHD’ is ‘Outreach and identification’. This can be found in any type of generation whether in Old , middle and youth generation. This type claims in any environment whether  in injury or not. This day focuses on those people who were affected or to be affected under this disease

This type of order of disease had divided into two types which are as follows:

  • Haemophilia A – This type of disease is more common and identify due to deficiency of clotting factor as a factor Eight
  • Haemophilia B- This type of disease is less identified and commenced due to deficiency of clotting factor nine.

However this had been identified in male and female category. This day is celebrated to raise awareness and understanding among the lives of people to deduct this type of disease from their body and maintain precautions to get avoid this disease.

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