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Meaning of Habitat 

Habitat Refers to the natural environment of animals , organisms , plants. Actually it also refers to the place where the residence of particular group , or they belong to that areas.

world habitat day is observed on
world habitat day is observed on

World Habitat Day 

World Habitat Day is celebrated on ‘First Monday of October’. In 2020 , World Habitat day would be celebrated on ‘5th of October’. World Habitat Day is also known as ‘International Habitat Day’. World Habitat Day is celebrated at the annual frequency.

World Habitat day proclaimed officially by the United Nation General Assembly. World Habitat Day was first celebrated in 1986 in Nairobi , Kenya. World Habitat Day is celebrated all over the World.

World Habitat Day is celebrated to overcome urbanization. World Habitat Day is celebrated to restore the people at their places from the migrating places. World Habitat focusing on the development of areas where the people are more migrating.

World Habitat Day is celebrated for habitats who are closer with their traditions but migrated due to reasons. World Habitat day is motivated to raise the prosperity of local art and their artists. World Habitat Day is a day for those towns and cities where the people are migrating.

world habitat day quotes
world habitat day quotes

World Habitat day focuses on the natural environment and their habitat who are disappearing due to the humans need and artificial development.World Habitat Day is considered for the animals welfare and their places of save and protection.

World Habitat day is celebrated to realize the importance and value of their town and cities from migrating.World Habitat day is improving the conditions of habitat areas. World Habitat day is celebrated to stop migration to urbanization due to any problem and issues.

World Habitat Day is an analysis of the problems faced by the people in their habitats and reason for moving. World Habitat day focuses on the hidden issues which people suffer during the places exchanging. 

world habitat day theme
world habitat day theme

World Habitat Day considers the condition of increasing urbanization and its effect on the environment and surroundings. World Habitat day is celebrated to reduce the crowd among the cities and off of toms or village areas.World Habitat Day is celebrated to fulfill the opportunity of shaping towns and cities into developed and modernized.

Need of World Habitat Day 

Need of World Habitat Day celebration arises due to these reasons :

  • Due to population in cities , as people move from their places to others for their personal reasons which leads to environmental land degradation.
  • As the people facing problems and issues in their habitat places due to undeveloped and crises at their places.
  • People are migrating as they face hurdles during their lives surviving due to scarcity of basic necessities.
  • Due to inadequate shelter and high prices , as the population increases scarcity begins which stock the value in high. Everyone Requires shelters which leads to crises of sheds.
  • As people leave their area for their development and advancement which decrease the value of local arts and their culture because the people had to be considered in the place of migration for the good survival.
  • Habitation away the people from its identity of their religion and culture which leads to people forgetting their identity and remain in the crowd of common people.
world habitat day is celebrated on
world habitat day is celebrated on

Due to the reasons of leaving culture , population , inadequate surroundings , crises and arts need to give rise to the celebration of World Habitat Day.

World Habitat Day celebration

World Habitat Day celebration is considered in the form of social events , conferences , campaigns etc. As World Habitat day involves the personalities to come up together and measures for improving the population of urbanization.

World Habitat Day celebration is considered in the form of corrective actions so that people would not leave their habitat areas.And the surroundings should be managed. World Habitat day celebration is considered in form which gives rise to villages and restores their prosperity and peace.

World Habitat day celebration rebuild the plan of urban areas with the data form of populations and issues.World Habitat Day celebration consider to take measures for the management of areas of people due to migration and many others. World Habitat Day celebration for the development of backward areas and populated areas.

World Habitat Day 2019 theme

World Habitat Day 2019 based on the theme program. World Habitat Day 2019 theme was ‘Frontier Technologies as an innovative tool to transform the waste to health’. World Habitat Day 2019 addresses the management of conditions related to urbanization and habitat places.

world habitat day 2020
world habitat day 2020

World Habitat Day 2019 theme initiate for the contribution of innovative technologies which leads sustainable management of wastage. World Habitat day 2019 theme considering for the waste management in that form which leads to achievement of sustainable goals.

World Habitat Day considers for safe , security and sustainable Habitat Places.World Habitat Day 2019 theme focuses on artificial intelligence which can improve the surroundings and impacts related to unfair practices of humans.

World Habitat Day 2020 theme

World Habitat Day 2020 projected on the theme program.World Habitat Day 2020 theme would be “Housing for all :Better urban future”. World Habitat Day 2020 theme addresses those people who face inadequate shelters.

World Habitat Day 2020 themes motive to provide shelters to every habitat. World Habitat Day 2020 theme means to solve the housing problem in urban areas. World Habitat Day 2020 theme considers the houses to shed the people which brings better future and conditions in urban areas.

world habitat day
world habitat day

World Habitat Day 2020 theme means to consider house to all which makes the surroundings and environment free from the hazardous practices from the unshaded people.World Habitat Day 2020 theme wants to develop the area of urban by developing their people standard.

World Habitat Day 2020 theme considers the hidden issues which need to be solved with actions or proper measures.World Habitat Day 2020 theme to provide housing facilities to people which improve their standard and easy and shedded life.

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