World Forestry Day 2021

World Forestry Day 2021
World Forestry Day 2021

Wishing You happy Forestry Day!!! This day is celebrated on ‘21st March’ every year across the World. This day celebration was introduced on the 28Novemeber2012 by the United Nation general assembly. This day celebration is associated with the conservation of Forest and Nature.

The Celebration considers creating awareness about forest degradation due to Human wants and needs. One of the main reasons for degradation of forests is population due to housing  , luxuries purpose and business purpose. This day focuses on saving forests.

The Celebration had been associated with the events and program which raise awareness about the types of forests and trees. They UN managed for this day celebration to benefit their future and current generation. On this day countries are encouraged to make efforts and educate the people about forest prosperity.

This Day Involves many programs such as tree planting campaigns etc. This had Given rise to many campaigns as a food and agriculture Organization. This day celebration promotes the importance and advantage of forests and trees in Life assuring or living purpose. This day focuses on the various challenges of the environment of forest such as deforestation. 

The Forest are known as the ‘Integral Part’ surviving the Living bodies. The Human body is dependent on our Forests. In 2019 , the theme of the day was ‘Forests and Education’ , the aim was to educate the people about the forests and their live importance.In 2020 , the theme would be ‘Forests and Biodiversity’ which aims with the lives of those who are found in the forests and ecological area.

This refers to achieving the Sustainable forest management and biodiversity conservation. This day is to be celebrated to maintain the balance between the Biodiversity and life cycle. This day also makes , emotional to love and care for forests. This is celebrated as special event and occasion.

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