World Food Day 2021 Theme, Quotes, hd Images, 16 Oct

World Food is a special and important day celebrated across the map of every year of ‘16th of October’. World Food day is also known as International Food Day. World Food day is a day which is celebrated as a social event day in grand. World Food day is celebrated , but this day is not off for the people , it is celebrated by continuing the normal schedule.

World Food day was introduced in the year of 1945 by the Food and Agriculture organization (FAO) of the United Nation. World Food day 20th General conference was considered in the year 1979 which involved a large number of people. World Food day involves more than 150 countries.

World Food day is celebrated to increase the food security of people around the world. World Food day is celebrated to overcome the hunger problem. World Food day is celebrated to focus the people on the poor section of society who is suffering from hunger and low food consumption. World Food day is celebrated to recognize the importance and Value of food in life.

Need of World Food day celebration is people are leaving their lives due to low food. World Food day needed to be celebrated to spread awareness among the higher section and middle section of society to help them by considering them to stop wasting food as due to them poor sections of society would get their food at normal or affordable price. World Food day is to overcome the crises of food from around the world.

The Purpose of World Food day as it saves lives. World Food day success in their motive of awarring higher and middle section about the food wasting , stocking etc. World Food day reduces the necessary food products price reasonably as affordable for poors or needy people. People are helping them (poors). World Food day gives new shape to society as they decrease food issues from the past year.

World Food day is celebrated to bring attention to the government towards this major issue. This food day forces them to introduce the skims in which their people can survive their life easily.World Food day is celebrated for the food safety of people , especially who are suffering low level consumption.

On International Food day many people practice donation to the charities which help them to consider food for them. On this day , many personalities from the countries came up together to discuss the food safety and their security , to consider the measures which overcome hunger from the world. On this day , data , graphs studied by them , so that they get to know the current condition and take action according to it.

On World Food day , programs , functions , events , competitions and campaigns are organized which spirit the people to overcome the food problem by their small initiatives. On this day , images , phrases , quotes trending among the social media , so that the day gets identity within the more people especially youth the generation which helps to maintain food safety and security.

World Food day , on this day various schemes launched for people on their food safety which helps in making a better world. World Food day is celebrated to help the living beings which means animals too.This day also stands for animal hunger , by overcoming their (animal) hunger they won’t lead victims to any humans.World Food day is celebrated to consider the proper food assurance to living beings.

World Food day is celebrated for the health problems facing people on a low diet (low diet means consumption of less food due to poverty).World Food day is celebrated to increase the food production which is available to every section of society which includes development of every section of society.

World Food day is a day to celebrate for food and their prosperity for life surviving.World Food day is celebrated for good health.World Food day is a day to value food and save the, for future generation. World Food day is celebrated to manage the food for all the people in the world. World Food day is celebrated for world peace , as due to crises of food fight between many countries many consider.

World Food day is celebrated for whole food not for particular varieties of food ,as an International Carrot day , World Idly day and various others.This day is helping hand which is offering food to people. On this day , people know about the value of food for the people who are always in search of food.

World Food day is celebrated with a theme program to bring the interests of people. World Food day 2018 theme was ‘Our Action are Our Future , Ending World Hunger in by 2030’, World Food day 2018 theme means to take action for better future , motive to end hunger by 2030.Wrld Food day 2018 spirit up the people to take actions which end hunger in goal year means 2030.

World Food day 2019 theme was ‘ Our Action are our future , Healthy Diets for #Zerohunger world. World Food day 209 theme was to take those actions which lead the percentage of zero hunger. World Food day 2019 wanted to zero hunger by taking some measures for it , which vision for a better future.World Food day 2019 hashtag became popular..

World Food day theme 2020 would be ‘Food Safety , everyone Business’. World Food day theme 2020 means to measure for the food safety and their security. It is not the work of the government or a single person but all the people of the world. World Food day 2020 defines that to protect and safeguard food is not only the responsibility of the government , this is a shared responsibility of producers , consumers etc.

World Food Day 2020 projected by keeping the current situation of Covid 19 in the World. World Food day will promote Global awareness for food safety. World Food day 2020 involves general people to came up with their ideas to solve the food problem and manage the food safety.

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