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World first Aid Day

World first Aid day is observed every second Saturday of September. It is the day to raise awareness of how first aid can save a life. This year it will be celebrated on 12 September, 2020.  The term “ first aid” means the help to be served by someone before taking them to a hospital. The medical treatment given at that time to save someone’s life when they are suffering with a big disease or damage that can be harmful. 

First Aid Treatment helps us when there is no hospital and medical treatment can be available at that time for those who are suffering from disease and need immediate treatment. This is so helpful to be normal till we do not get the proper treatment by the professional and it can save a life.

world first aid day
world first aid day

A First Aid Kit Box can be available in our house easily ,even we also should carry this first aid kit box while travelling. We all don’t know where and when it can be helpful for us or someone else. We all know very well that it is not possible that medical staff can be available there for our help anytime. 

So it is our responsibility to be available for someone and able by giving them proper first aid and saving lives with some of necessary instructions. The main aim of celebrating the First Aid Day is to raise awareness to the people that how prevent injuries can save lives everyday in crisis situations.

There are mainly three reasons to celebrate this day.

1. It is rarely awareness with the people,how first aid injuries can pretend to save the life of someone. 

2. The second aim is to handle the situation of an injured person who is suffering with disease and giving first aid by the person and try to avoid infection.

3. The third aim is to take the patient immediately to the hospital before any mishappening.

To provide first aid we should be careful and have to remember that first aid done by people will be helpful for them, if we do not know how to prevent  first aid we should be concerned with others and doctor’s. so IFRC ( international federation of red cross or red crescent society) always focuses us to take basic necessary details of first aid before giving to someone.

Basic training of first aid should be relivable and at least educate us how giving someone suffering from disease to first treatment before taking them to hospital can be helpful. We also should carry a first aid box while travelling and when we are out of the home and afar with the hospital.

Some First Aid Treatment Methods

Giving first aid while cut, clean, and preventing injuries to scars some steps are followed by us are mentioned below.

  1. We should wash our hands with soap aur alcohol free sanitizer if soaps cannot be available at that time, before and after giving first aid to the injured person, so that bacteria do  not get into the cut and cause the infection.
  2. Stop the bleeding. Put pressure on the cut with a clean cloth aur bandage.
  3. Clean the wound.
  4. Remove any dirt or debris around the wound that the infection cannot be spread in the whole body.

Some important things we should keep in the first aid box kits are 

  •  An antiseptic dettol for removing the blood around the cuts,wounds and burning part that infection can’t be spread.
  • Alcohol wipes we should keep in that box.
  • Cotton,bandages and seizure are helping things while first aid.
  • Pain relievers antiseptic creams and pills that might be helpful.
  • Allergy medicines,antiseptic ointment.
  • Aloe Vera gel also helps during the  treatment.
  • Elastic bandages , hand sanitizer, and calamine lotion can be a most helpful thing for giving first aid treatment before baking them in the hospital.
  • Different sizes, bandages, and hand wearing gloves.

According to the world health organization (W.H.O.), washing our hands again and again and bathing twice in a day can save us from disease,there might be saying that doing yoga and walking distance activities can decrease the chances of heart attack, sugar disease, and it controls the high and low blood pressure. 

Here is a saying that eating an apple daily keeps the doctor away. There are more tips for giving first aid while burning, bites of a dangerous species or animals. Doctors often asked for eating and drinking healthy food items to avoid the bigger disease like 4 almonds in a day keep you away with cancer.

In our lives, there can be many minor accidents happen in our lives, and we have to face them alone. It can happen many times that during any accidents,nobody is there to help us or sometimes we are not able to shout loud for help. So our safety is in our hands.

Tip for burning hands or the area has burned with first aid

There are three degree burns that can happen while making food or doing other activities in the kitchen. First degree burns are painful but minor. They turn red or may swell. The second degree burns can blister on our body where burns take place. Third degree burns can be raised and look white the skin.

  1. We can treat minor first degree and a little second degree burns at our home. We should apply ice cubes or cold water at the burning area at least for 5 minutes to relieve and control the swelling.
  2.  Apply an antibiotic cream or ointment at the side of the burning area.
  3. Loosely wrapped a gauze bandage at the burning area.
  4. Take some antiseptic pills to make us relieve the wound area.

First aid treatment while heart attack and low blood pressure

If we have a feeling that in our right hand pains come across with the seized on the body, and there is none of the people for helping us,

  1. we can stop having heart attacks by coughing loudly, with every cough we should take a deep breath can help us from heart attack.
  2. We should pressure the heart again and again and can also be helpful first aid.
  3. We should keep the person straight and have a big pressure and tell them to take a breath.
  4. During low or high BP, we should give the patient something sweet that can help the person for normal levels of BP.

First aid treatment while biting of snake

  1. If a snake has bitten someone’s leg or the side of their body, we should let them sleep straight and remove all the jewelry and tight clothing before you start the swell and remove shoes and socks.
  2.  Clean the wound with soap and water.
  3. Tell him / her to keep calm.
  4. Cover the bite with clean and dry dressing tightly so that poison cannot be spread in the whole body.
  5. Take them to the hospital immediately as soon as possible.

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