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World Environment Day 2020, 5 Jun 2020
World Environment Day 2020, 5 Jun 2020

On 5th June of every year celebration takes place , this is celebrated as a special occasion known as ‘World Environment day’. This day is observed under the United Nation in ‘1974’. This day is also known as Eco day .This day is celebrated to bring the focus of people about the environmental conditions such as deforestation , pollution etc.

world environment day is celebrated on
world environment day is celebrated on

The Principal aim of behind the day celebration to encourage the people for the protection of people. This day also focuses on the wildlife sanctuary , Global warming and sustainable consumption. This day is celebrated by the participation of 143 countries and India is one of them.

world environment day 2020 theme
world environment day 2020 theme

The Aim behind this day celebration to overcome the crises or problems and challenges faced by the people under the order inconvenience and unfavorable environment. The Day regards for the environment causes and precautions to overcome them.

However this day is associated with the programs , events , campaigns and rallies.This programs are measured by the NGO’s , big organizations , communities , Governments and celebrities etc. This day regards for the security and existence of the environment on the Earth.

This day also regards for the Human environment too , which defines for the well being and economic development of human lives.This day provides an opportunity to people to culminate them for the environment variability. However the day assurance is not needed to manage the environment security and safety..this to be done voluntarily and regularly (even small involvement may commence). 

world environment day 2020 theme in hindi
world environment day 2020 theme in hindi

The Motto behind the day identification to enlighten and promote the environment’s importance , value and favor ability among the employees.The Program schedule with the theme program which adds an flavor of excitement , purity , knowledge , happiness , joy , care  and motivation.

In 2019 , the program schedule was designed with the theme which was ‘Beat Air pollution’. The Aim was to overcome the air pollution and measures to cure and overcome from it.This aim was acknowledging the global warming report and effects on the health.

In 2020 , The program schedule theme would be ‘Biodiversity’. The Aim would be focused on the variety and variability of lives surviving on the Earth. These are based on the plants , animals, species  and humans lives. This denotes the ecosystem balance , climate change etc.

This day is celebrated to save lives and the World. This day regards for the prosperity and enrichment of the environment and planet. The Environment day focuses on the particular environment basis such as challenges , obstacles , conditions etc.

Every year of 5th June it is celebrated as World Environment day. On this day celebration takes place across the World. This day is celebrated to bring the focus of people about the Environment problems and condition. This day aware people to save and manage the environment protection activities.

This day is celebrated with the rallies, campaigns etc. This day celebration involve the various generation …mostly youth ones. The Objective of this day celebration to protect the environment. This day is celebration involved of 143 countries.

The Need of this day celebration to overcome the problems related to environment. This day is celebrated to save human lives for the future problems due to environment problems such as breathing problems, allergy etc. This day is celebrated in best effective and efficient manners which result in best manner too.

This day is celebrated firstly on 1974. This day is celebrated to aware the political environment to take action and implements. The Celebration is focuses on current phases such as forest protection, pollution, animals protection, global warming, human population etc. This day plays an important role to save and protect the Earth from the sudden problems.

This is celebrated with the theme programs to bring interest and awareness of people over these people. However on 2018, the theme was “Beating plastic pollution”. On 2019, the theme was “Air pollution”. However In 2020, the theme would be “Time for Nature”. This day had not only common people but also celebrities, politicians and various great personalities.

world environment day
world environment day

This day is celebrated with joy, happiness, energy etc. This day is associated with the support of the humans. This day is projected with the reports, graphs to check the environment conditions and reports. In 2020 this day will be celebrated on Friday. This day celebration associates with the help of UN general assembly.

This day is celebrated for the favorable and best conditions for the lives living on the Earth. This day is observed the WHO. This day not only provide awareness but knowledge, possible methods. This day celebration become more effective and efficient when slogans, speeches …verbal expression commits. However some of slogans such as ‘Green Cities’, ‘Plant for Planet’.

world environment day essay
world environment day essay

This day helps to take corrective and possible methods. This celebration maintains the Eco systems, climate change etc. and helps in future predicting problems. The Purpose of this day the environment problems are degrading or decreasing…which consider an lives survival on the Earth.

This day is particularly related with the environment related subjects only. This day celebration is a best example of Humanity. This day defines the causes and concern of the people for their planet Earth. This adds a flavors of Interest it consist with the plays, drama etc. The Motive of this day to save and secure the environment and their lives… and also to bring attention of people over this great problem of Environment.

This day is committed with the all those possible outreaches which aware and secure the environment. This day commits for the welfare of environment and their outcomes. This day defines the bad impacts of environment and their outcomes over the life. This day is celebrated with the joy , motivation , energy , happiness , spirit etc.

This day educate the lives how to overcome theses problems , their mistakes , initiatives to overcome it and various deals . This day is celebrated for the development of people and Earth. This day is quite important to celebration for the better lives survival. This day not only focuses on the bad effects or mistakes places but also favor ability and good reports too.

This day mainly focuses on the involved of youth generation which can help World and takes corrective measure. This celebration helps in protection of important natural resources. This day mainly defines the advantages of environment or eco system balance. This day is protesting day against the people who harm and degrading the environment.

The Day defines the feature and favor ability of resources. This day celebration not only commit the development of people but also the Country (Firstly) and then World. This day is celebrated not only to commit the Environment welfare but how to handle the future and present problems related to environment.

On this environment prosperity become more prior than other work which motivates the whole year humans lives for the conservation of environment. This day defines the limitation of resources and future need. On this not only the camping’s and celebration takes but an prize ceremony takes place for those who had done work for the welfare of Environment.

This day also comprise with the competition which encourage the people and come up with the new and best ideas. This day involve the every generation. This day celebration makes a better relation with the countries due to innovation. This day celebration is important for the Environment lovers..This day defines why greenery, climate purity , cycle is important.

The day makes best possibilities to restore the problems and resources for the future. This day committed for the security and safe environment. However, Not only on this day celebration and spirit to do for the environment this to be take voluntarily. This day leads to other development such as economic, political etc.

This day is also known as Eco day. On the first day celebration the theme was ‘Only One Earth’. This day was firstly celebrated on the ‘Stockholm (Sweden)’…..The celebration takes place from the June 5th to 16th. This day focuses on major components such as Water, Air and Land. This day reminds our duty against the Environment.

This day uses with hastags to encourage people such #for nature. This day schedules with the effective and efficient manner to save environment. This day had involve the every society whether business, education factor etc. This day is known as Global fight by the lives against the environment degradation.

Wishing you Happy Environment day !!!!

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