World Disabled Day 2021

World Disabled Day 2020
World Disabled Day 2020

World’s disabled Day. This day had been celebrated to Value and support the Disabled persons. This day has been celebrated on the ‘3rd Dec’ every year. This day was introduced in the year of 1992.This day had been celebrated with the emotions and feelings of innocence , purity , motivation and Happiness. 

This day had been celebrated with the pomp and shower to consider the smile and happiness on the face of disabled person. This day had been celebrated for the Disabilities personalities to overcome them from the social injustice and unfavorable words such as Blind etc.

The Need and purpose of this day celebration and introduction takes place because thi makes the disability a joke or fun which creates an angriness and depression among the disabilities personalities , this creates anger , depression and sadness among them. This is a celebration to protest the disabilities personalities from injustice in every field , however in the social , professional and physical world.

The Day celebrations motto to claim understanding regard the disability issues and problems. This day also claims for mobilizing support and standing for by as moral support. This day had been confessed to disabilities personalities about their rights , protest , and value among the societies.

This day is considered the disabilities feelings and emotions regarding the world.This day’s environment poses an enlightenment and shining , because this claims the emotions among the disability personalities on this day’s schedule. However this day would not require value to them , but this would require 365 day to define it so.

It also motto behind that every individual had been different by its structure and features , why this feature would regarded as negative and miserable emotions.Even they are individuals had defined with the structure and emotions  , we should value and respect them.

This day had been considered to make sure the environment and social barriers were removed among these personalities. This day isn’t celebrated in a single measure , it requires help and support from various individuals. Along with this modern and busy schedule , we should value and celebrate this day and try to manage them happy and pleasure with their lives (disabilities personalities).

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