World Contraception Day 2021 Theme, Quotes, 26 September

About Contraception

Contraception is a type of method which helps in reducing the chances of Unwanted pregnancy.Contraception is an artificial method or technique which prevents pregnancy during physical intercourse.

world contraception day in hindi
world contraception day in hindi

Contraception works as a protector and securer which helps in safe physical relationships.Contraception methods generally considered in form of pills , protection etc.Contraception is necessary at the time of physical relationship as it reduces the chances of STD and various other issues.

About World Contraception Day

World Contraception Day was established in the year of 2007.World Contraception day is also known as ‘International Contraception Day’.World Contraception Day is observed at the annual frequency.World Contraception Day is celebrated under the claim of the World Health Organisation.

World Contraception Day 

World Contraception is social awareness day on every year of every ‘26th of September’.World Contraception day is considered across the Globe. On World Contraception day no official holiday is granted.

world contraception day theme
world contraception day theme

World Contraception Day is celebrated to promote the awareness among people related to physical relationships and their related protections. World Contraception Day is celebrated to reduce the unwanted health issues during the physical relationships.World Contraception day wants to focus the people on the physical relationships protection.

World Contraception day is celebrated to overcome the cases regarding unwanted pregnancy during physical relationships. World contraception day brings the attention of people to measures regarding physical relationships.

World Contraception Day is celebrated for the physical relationships and their related health issues.World contraception day is focused on the physical relationship protection and prevention. World Contraception day said , if you are considering physical relationships then you should know about their benefits and impacts.

World Contraception Day focus the Government to organized those policies and schemes which helps in awaring the people. World Contraception Day is celebrated to educate the people about the contraceptive methods and physical relationship.

Need of World Contraception Day

The Need of World Contraception day arises due to followings reasons :

world contraception day quotes
world contraception day quotes
  • In times of Modern  , Future generation is unknown to the facts and precautions related to physical relationships which causes impacts such as unwanted pregnancy , STD and reproductive health etc.
  • In Past times , people were not familiar with the protection which causes the health issues and danger at the time of pregnancy.
  • Due to these unwanted pregnancy and health issues , women’s immunity power decreases and is unsafe to their life.
  • As the people directed with physical relationships they won’t use protection because they feel it is a type of disturbance which becomes an hurdle during their intercourse.
  • People are known with the facts of physical relationship but unknown with contraception which leads to good health after the relationship.
  • Due to these cases , the rate of absorption and std becomes more which unsafe the healths of humans.

These are the reasons which consider issues during the relationship which introduce the need to World Contraception day. And if these problems would not be overcome it will lead into crises for the future generation.

That is why the World Contraception Day is celebrated to consider facts and precautions regarding physical relationships which safeguard from unwanted or reproductive health issues.

World Contraception Day celebration

World Contraception Day celebration considered in social awareness event. World Contraception Day involves the personalities of various countries to come up and discuss unwanted health issues at the time of physical relationship.

world contraception day 2020
world contraception day 2020

World contraception day event is programmed in the form of capiangs , conferences and railles to consider it among the number of people.World contraception day focuses on the major issues related to lives of people at the time of relationship.

World Contraception day celebration defines to consider the protective measures at the time of physical relationship. World contraception day celebration helps in minimize the cases of STD And reproductive health.

On World Contraception Day people measure for the action after analyzing the data and graph related to unwanted pregnancy and health issues and also their treatments and their impacts on human health, especially women.

World Contraception Day 2019 theme

World Contraception Day 2019 is based on the theme program. World Contraception day 2019 theme was ‘It is your life , it’s your responsibility’. World Contraception day addresses a responsibility which the humans always forgot to consider.

World Contraception Day 2019 theme means that it’s your life , you should be concerned about the idea of physical relationships and their impact on our health body. It is your responsibility to concern protective measures regarding your relationship.

World Contraception day 2019 theme wants to get people to know about it and then consider physical relationship with the proper precautions and familiar way.World Contraception 2019 theme considers you should take contraceptives selfly for your health and happiness which make your physical relation better and joyful.

World Contraception Day 2020 theme

World Contraception Day 2020 is projected on theme. World Contraception day 2020 theme would be ‘Informed Choices’. World Contraceptive day 2020 theme addresses the choices which means choice of physical relationship.

world contraception day
world contraception day

World Contraception Day 2020 theme means choice of physical relationship is good but you should take it with details associated with it. World Contraception day 2020 theme means the choice for the physical relationship should be considered with contraceptive methods.

World Contraceptive Day 2020 theme means it should be a choice of both partners during the physical relationship. Both partners must be safeguarding with methods which free them from unwanted pregnancy and health issues.

World Contraception Day 2020 theme means to consider the young generation to available all contraceptive methods and their way to use which safe them and commend their healthy physical relation.

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