World Consumer Rights Day 2021

World Consumer Rights Day

 Happy World Consumer Rights Day!!!! This day is celebrated on the 15March every year. This day is celebrated to create awareness among the consumer about their rights , values etc. This day was introduced by the President of the US , named ‘John f Kennedy’ in 1962 in the form of a special message regarding the community of Consumer’s.

This day had been celebrated at the Global level with the events , programs to rid off the marketers will in an unfavourable manner. This day had been celebrated  to motivate the consumer against the unfavorable manner by the marketers with them such as not hearing or responding complaints , no proper information and precautions etc.

This day is a great chance to demand the rights and acts of consumers. This day is also celebrated to claim the marketers against their abusing and social injustices. This day had special value but this protest would not require any special day to commit this ..but requires only strong proof and complaint.

This day is not celebrated to protest against each and every market but who manages or considers injustice with the consumers. However the campaign had been introduced to educate the consumer named , ‘Jago Grahak Jago’. This campaign had become successful with their motive to educate and aware consumers.

The Day had a motto behind managing the market and their people so that it creates economy , development and peace in the world. This day is celebrated every year to wake up the individuals against the injustice considered by the Shopkeepers , marketers and or by any other holder.

However this had been celebrated as a special occasion. However the events possess code , programs ,performance and theme. The International times had managed a theme for the 2020 celebration which is ‘Sustainable Consumer’. This theme protests the need for sustainable consumption globally as well focusing on the consumer rights and their protection.

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