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World Braille Day 

World Braille Day is an international day celebrated on 4 january. It is an important day for bringing awareness of braille as a meaning of communication with full realization of the human rights for blind and visually disable people. 

This day is first celebrated on january 4, 2019.


World braille day observed on january 4. The date for the event was chosen by the United Nations General Assembly announced in November 2018. 

Braille is a system of printing, using little round marks that are higher than the level of the paper they are on and which blind people can read by touching them.

We are celebrating world braille day as the event day of louis braille’s birthday.

He is the inventor of world braille day. 


Braille is a tactile representation of alphabetic and numerical symbols using six dots to represent each letter and number, and even musical, mathematical and scientific symbols. 

In the 19th Century,  louis braille the inventor of braille (system of printing,and a medium for communication with full human body touching or realization) was used by blind and partially sighted people to read the same books and magazines as those printed in a visual font. 

Braille is essential in the context of education, freedom of expression and opinion, as well as social inclusion. This day was declared for celebration by the United Nations General Assembly via announced in november,  2018. 

The main purpose of the united nation general assembly (UNGA) was to raise awareness of the importance of braille for the benefits of vlind person or partially sighted person through by this they can learn quickly and become a great personality or the youth who can bring to huge change in the world. 

One of also the main role of the assembly is the blind person who can’t see the beautiful world through  their eyes,  so with this braille, they won’t feel that they are a burden on the earth. So being educated they can be a good idol for all. 


World braille day is a reminder of the date of louis braille’s birthday. Louis braille was born on 04 january 1809 in france. He became blind after a childhood accident and he started to live quickly with his sharp mind. Then he invented a script for the blind person whom they can read or become educated. 

This day is first celebrated on january 04, 2019. The theme of braille day 2019 is to encourage the blind or partially sighted person to become a great inspiration for the world. With the motivational ideology of braille script ,all of them can read and learn quickly for the better future of the nation.


This is a system of writing developed by charleys barbier. Over the years braille was tweaked to make it very easy to read and it is used all over the world. In our society, everyone regardless of ability deserves the equal right for which braille is an important  factor, and availability of Braille versions of print materials in menus, statements, and bills in restaurants, banks, hospitals, etc must be encouraged. 

Globally 36 million people are living with blindness and 216 million have visual impairment ranging from moderate to severe as per World Health Organization estimates. So being developed for the encouragement of those who feel that due to his blindness they won’t be able to learn . Louis braille invented a world braille day.


It is a story of louis braille who was born in france in 1809 . He has a very sharp minded personality. Due to an accident, he has lost both of his eyes at such a young age. Then he invented a script for blind people to educate them enough. His contribution to inventing braille is a blessing for those who is blind or partially sighted. All over the world, activities which create awareness about the various challenges that blind people face are held.

This is a bigger opportunity to encourage the passion towards education by reading or writing. Various competitions are also held along with public outreach programmes. In schools, teachers explain to the students the significance and importance of the day.

Braille is a code which represents letters that can be recognised by visually impaired individuals by their sense of touch. In 1824, this braille was first invented when louis braille was almost 15 years old.  As an adult he was a professor at the institute,but most of his time was spent in further improving the Braille language.

Hence, this is a script of language for those who is blind. And this braille was spread fast all around the world. We also help blind people as much as we can help them. As compared to the normal person, blind person’s sense of humour is more than enough.

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