World Blood Donor Day 2021

World Blood Donor Day
World Blood Donor Day

Every year ‘14th June’ is celebrated across the world as ‘World Blood Donor Day’. This day is celebrated to create awareness among the people about donation of Blood over the basis of Humanity. This day connects the donor with the patients and defines the special relationship.

This day is considered to overcome the deficiency of blood among the people.This day is celebrated to recognize the value and importance of blood among the Human body. This day was recognized as a value on a special occasion in 2004.This day is regarded for the blood favor ability for good health and immunity system.

This day defines the need for safe and purity of blood and blood products. This day is celebrated to ‘Thanks and Salute’ the personalities who donate their blood for other living survival. This day added with the taste of emotions such as happiness , joy , spirit , purity and innocence.

The Day is celebration is important because it acknowledges the need and purpose of blood among the people’s survival and motivates them to donate it. However the popular slogan is associated with the ‘Safe blood for all’. This slogan highlights the sharing or donation (of blood) among the people for each other. 

This day is recognized and appreciates the Voluntary donation and life saving gift. This day stands for the delivery of health care. The Need of this day to save the lives of people and to sustain them with diseases such as leukemia , thalassaemia and bleeding disorders. However the blood donors are regarded as liveliness or equal to god.

The Day is associated with the program schedules such as campaigns , rallies and events. This day is observed under the ‘World health organization’. This day brings humanity , network and attachment with the living beings. This day helps to develop and grow people (due to cooperation and coordination) and the world (living beings survival).

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