World Autism Awareness Day 2021

World Autism Awareness Day
World Autism Awareness Day

World Autism Day is celebrated on ‘2nd April’ every year.  The day celebration is considered a Global celebration. This day was introduced by the United Nation members. This day is celebrated to create awareness among parents regarding the development and  growth of children. 

This day is celebrated to bring focus among the child toil regard with the behavior and communication variability. This day was defined under the United Nation General Assembly within the resolution of 62/139 World Autism Awareness Day.This day application attachment managed to assemble on ‘1st Nov 2007’ , however this was adopted in ‘18th Dec 2007’.

02 April celebrate to bring attention of People about the Autism disorder. The term ‘Autism’ stands for a type of disorder which manages in development and growth impacts the problem in social interaction and communication ones. This day celebration is a stand or support for by the health and Humanity organization.

This day is considered to educate the people about this disorder and overcome variances.This is considered for the research , precautions , treatment and aids to rid off. This order mainly commends children from a small age not necessarily defined in every child but predicts to be.

This day’s schedule with various programs such as programs , events and campaigns. The Purpose of the day innovation because this type of (Autism) disorder personalities avoided and restricted by the People. The Need of this day celebration to aid and improve the quality of life that (Autism) disorder .  So that they get value and respect among this world. 

In 2019 , the Program schedule with the theme of ‘Assistive Technologies , Active Participation’.The Aim was to Access with the technologies to educate  and improve the life of people through the global network as social media by making details and precautions measures of this (Autism) order , Conveying the rights of these (Autism) personalities making their value and existence among the World.

2020 , The program schedule would be ‘Light it up Blue’…The Aim would be to support and stand for the autism suffering personalities by turning blue light over the world (focusing light upon thousands of houses and buildings). The Main aim of this celebration is to protest against the society regarding their behavior against these personalities and also to acknowledge this disorder and measure precautions to them.

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