World Athletics Day 2021

World Athletics Day
World Athletics Day

The World Athletics Day is celebrated every year on 7th May. By the way, we all know about the athlete that it is related to a sports. But an athlete is a very good working person. They know the value and import of sports. This day appreciates and thickens the athlete.

Athletics are very good runners with which they are agile humans. He always gives his concentration work to his work and continues his efforts to make himself strong. Athletes are everywhere and show their performance at state, national and international levels. Along with this, he has also been ranked in the Olympics.

World Athletics Day is celebrated every year with a specific purpose. It brings awareness to sports in people and educates those who are educated. This would also increase their interest. Information is also required to do any work.

World Athletics Day is associated with all people. Every person likes some supporter, players and games. Such as hockey, cricket, football, badminton, tennis etc. They also need a better coach and family support to advance in their field. Therefore, this day is celebrated so that it can move forward. This day gives them a new direction.

By the way, very few people choose the athletes’ profession, there can be many reasons for this. But sports is a good friend for a very good career. Because sport is the best skill that few people understand.

World Athletics Day purpose

The purpose of celebrating World Athletics Day is to support sports
Those who have interest in sport, they should have the opportunity to show talent
Developing the field of sports so that players get the facility of everything
Bringing awareness towards sports so that the value of all sports is understood and family support is also supported.

Athletes always have to keep both their body and brain healthy. Athletes always keep their body flexible, this increases their speed. Athletes always take care of their food and drink.

Athletes also get awards and medals for playing well in games. Athlete has always been respected. Because playing for the country is a matter of pride. So it is a matter of pride for them too. The athlete always has a responsibility and he always tries to give a better grain in his field.

Celebrated World Athletics Day, in which sports and athletes are supported. It also gives good support to sports. This makes people understand its import. Athletes Day has been designed as a medium to promote sport.

It is important to be an athlete in every game because running is a must in any game. In this, the victory is also that of a good athlete. There are more than 100 athletes games in the world, which increase its importance.

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