Vivah Panchmi 2021 hd Images, Importance

Vivah Panchmi is an Indian tradition festival celebrated in the boundaries of India. This day is celebrated as a special occasion.This day is celebrated in the form of religious and cultural ways. On this day , no official holiday is granted.

This festival is majorly celebrated by the Hindus and Nepalese.This festival is celebrated in memory of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita. According to Vedic book named ‘Ramayan’ ..On this day Lord Rama and Goddess Sita got Married. This festival is celebrated as their marriage anniversary. This festival is also known as ‘Ram Vivah Panchmi’.

This day is not celebrated on a fixed date. This festival is celebrated in Shukla Paksh of Margrishi month. It is believed that ideal couples were married on this day Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi married on this day. In 2020 , this day would be celebrated on ‘19th of Dec’.

This festival is based on the ‘Sita Ram Vivah Story’. It is believed that on this day  Goddess Sita swayamvar takes place in Nepal. Lord Rama incarnation of Lord Vishnu had broken the Bow of Lord Shiv as per the condition of Swayamvar.The Lord Rama and Goddess Sita got married. In order to commit the Proper wedding ceremony various people were invited from the parts of the World for the grand celebration.

vivah panchami images
vivah panchami images

The Festival named ‘Vivah panchami’ is a combination of two words. In which the First word ‘Vivah’ means marriage and Second word ‘Panchmi’ means fifth day. Combination defines that marriage which takes place in the Shukla month of the fifth day.

This day is considered auspicious  and sacred day.On this day , people worship Lord Rama and Goddess Sita.According to Hindu wedding rituals  , celebration, rituals and arrangements takes place before the days of this occasion. On this day , a great celebration takes place in Nepal.

On this day , people visit Lord Rama and Goddess Sita temple and a grand celebration takes place in temples. On this day , people visit Ayodhya as this was the birthplace of Lord Rama and Nepal because this was the birth place of Lord Sita.

On this day , decorations of Lights and Lamps are committed in temples , houses etc.On this day , divine wedding rituals again take place by the people committing the wedding of Lord Rama and Sita. On this day , people practice special mantras or puja to impress the Lord Ram and Sita.

On this day , many events and performances take place in temples , colonies. Events such as Ramlila , Wedding rituals  etc. It is believed that Lord Rama and Sita came on the Earth to bless the Children and bring prosperity and happiness. According to Hindu times , this day is not good for people to marry because after marriage Lord Ram and Sita suffered a lot. However on this day , a special pooja takes place named Vivah panchami pooja. This day is a day of remembering Lord Rama and Goddess Sita because they have given a lot of good things to the World.

This day connects the people with spirituality and divine activities. On this day , people are encouraged to know their history of culture. On this day , religious value and pride took place in the hearts of Indian people. On this day , people perform early baths ,fast and many other activities.

On this day , no marriage ceremonies take place. On this day , the teachings and speeches in praise of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita commit. This day encourages the people to follow the path of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita. The Devotees of Lord Ram and Goddess Sita perform divine activities to impress them.

This is a popular hindu festival. This day draws the attention of people towards the religion and culture phase. On this day , people wear traditional clothes and perform ritual ceremonies. In temples , Lord Ram and Goddess sita statues are decorated in the form of Groom and Bride.

On this day people perform charity work to celebrate this day. On this day , other God and Goddess worship such as Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati etc.On this day , many married couples visit temples to wish well for their married life. This day brings happiness , purity , love , joy and spirit.

Vivah Panchmi is celebrated with a great pomp and shower. This festival doesn’t commit as an anniversary of Lord Ram and Sita but defines the values in olden times people. Such as Lord Ram was a great son who went into exile for 14 years as permission given by their father , Goddess sita was a great wife who went into exile with her husband.

According to English Mythology , this festival comes on the waxing phase of the moon. This festival connects the people with people as the celebration takes place in grand form.This festival is Indian Hindu festival..however this can be celebrated by any community.

On this day , the National Holiday takes place in Nepal. On this day , a major crowd takes place in Nepal of Janakpur and Uttar Pradesh of ayudha. On this day , local art and tradition takes place. On this day , great economic practices were performed in Nepa and ayodhya.

On this day , people also remember the King dasharatha , King janak and family of Lord Rama and Sita , Hanuman who helped him and his devotees and various others and worship them. This day also reminds the Victory of Lord Rama over the evil king Ravna and the sacrifice and struggle of Goddess Sita against the King.

This day brings togetherness and belonging among the people with their dear ones and culture of India. On this day , temples offer prasad and schedule food dining. Subh Vivah Panchmi!!!

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