United Nations Day 2021 Theme, Quotes, hd Images, 24 October

About United Nation 

The United Nations is a type of International organization. This Organization was founded in 1945 after the second world war. In this Organization , around 51 countries were involved. The United Nation is established to maintain the peace and security of the World.

United Nations motive to maintain better relations among the nation. The United Nation set to promote the social progress , standard of living and welfare of humans. The United Nations involve countries such as America , Britain , Asia and India etc.

united nations day is celebrated on
united nations day is celebrated on

United Nation Day 

United Nation Day is an organization day celebrated across the Global Map (only by involved countries). United Nation Day is celebrated on every year of every ‘24th of October’. United Nation day is observed at the annual frequency.United Nation day is also represented with the term ‘U.N. Day’.

United Nation day was established in the year 1971. As in 1971 , the United Nation general assembly adopted this (United Nation Day ) celebration officially. United Nations Day celebration declares the official holiday granted on the International observance.

United Nation Day was introduced to overcome the misunderstandings of countries to each other. United Nations day wants to educate the people of the world to live together with love , happiness and peace. United Nation day brings the meaning of cooperation and belongingness to the people of the world.

united nations day quotes
united nations day quotes

United Nation Day motive to bring all countries closer with better relations which saves the lives of many people due to reasons. United Nations day is celebrated for the development of the United Nations and their people related to standard of living and basic necessities.United Nation Day is celebrated to overcome all issues and problems related to countries and their problems.

United Nations day is celebrated to introduce the new policies or schemes to reduce the issues , mishappening of countries against others , establishment of peace and security etc, related to the nation who are involved and their people. United Nations Day is a day to celebrate the anniversary of cooperation and unity of countries.

Need of United Nation Day

Need of United Nation Day arises due to followings reasons , they are follows:

  • As In Past times , Motive of the King to capture the various countries under their rule. Due to this capture , people fought against the various countries which developed bad relations , unfair practices which created misunderstandings between countries.
  • As In the Present times , there is a competition between the countries on issues who are more powerful , more developed , more advanced , more modern , more technological etc. which creates the feeling to fail or decrease the other countries prestige and importance.
  • Also In present scenario , the vision of competitions leads to power initiate the other countries to make them prove them true against the other which leads to attacks , fights , competitions etc. Give rise to unfair relations and issues between them.
  • As this scenario is running which is needed to block. If this is not blocked it will lead to future problems and destroy the world with crises and fights.
united nations day meaning
united nations day meaning

Due to these reasons , the United Nation and their celebration day set up. 

United Nation Day celebration

United Nation day celebration involves the personalities from the counties to come up together and discuss on the matters related to problems or favorability. United Nation day celebration includes the events programs such as campings , rallies and conferences.

United Nation day celebration consider in form social and special events , so that everyone came to know the motive of celebration of United nation day and their formation.United Nation day celebration holds the issues for the correct alternative to solve it.United Nation day celebration initiation to make this day and reason appreciable and better.

United Nation Day 2019

United Nation Day 2019 had involved the number of people in their celebration of event day. United Nation Day 2019 consider for the organization who had organized the united nation set up and which benefited in the form of increasing peace and happiness among the world.

united nations day 2020
united nations day 2020

United Nation Day 2019 considers the issues related to countries and they measure for its solution which establishes more understanding and expression of vision or visie between them.United Nation day 2019 covers all the problems which are hidden and practical ones.

United Nation Day 2019 theme

United Nation Day 2019 projected on theme program. The United Nation day 2019 theme was ‘Our Planet, Our Future’. United Nation day 2019 addresses our planet which means considering the togetherness and understanding between them.

United Nation day 2019 theme considers ‘Our Planet, Our future’ means to focus on the current condition of climate change . United Nation day 2019 theme is restoring the climate and their surroundings happiness and favorable surroundings which leads to a better and happy future.

United Nation Day 2020

United Nation day 2020 will spirit up the people of the world within the unity of countries.United Nation Day 2020 will highlight the current condition issue major and hidden ones which need to be discussed and to agree on effective alternatives for better united nation relations and their understandings.

United Nation Day 2020 will publish new facts , new opinion and information relayed on United Nations day which will be official. United Nation day 2020 will consider in online form and analyze the data and graphs of present and past times for better steps towards corrective measures.

united nations day
united nations day

United Nation Day 2020 theme

United Nation Day 2020 would be projected on theme to focus the world on their day celebration and formation. United Nation day 2020 theme “Closing to inequalities Gap to achieve social justice’.

United Nation day 2020 theme means to kick off the inequalities. United Nation day 2020 theme by assuring the principles of social justices and promoting gender equality would give social justice to a person and their world.

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