Tulsi Pujan Diwas 2021 hd Images, Quotes, 25 December

Tulsi Pujan Diwas is Hindu auspicious day. Tulsi Pujan Divas are observed at annual frequency. Tulsi Pujan Divas consider every year of ‘25th Dec’. Tulsi Pujan Divas are mainly celebrated by Hindu community. Tulsi Pujan Divas are celebrated in every phase of India. Tulsi Pujan Diwas is also known as ‘Tulsi Puja’.

Tulsi Pujan Divas are celebrated according to hindu calendar. Tulsi Pujan diwas observed in the month of ‘Katika’ on the Shukla paksha of Dev uthani Ekadashi. Tulsi Pujan divas are not celebrated every year , it is based on tithes and months of Hindu.

On Tulsi Pujan Divas , people worship their plant tulsi as goddesses. And Grant their wish to them. On tulsi pujan divas it is believed that Lord Vishnu wakes up from long sleep. Tulsi Pujan Diwas for marriage , means this day is celebrated for a happy and loving married life.

tulsi pujan diwas
tulsi pujan diwas

On Tulsi Pujan Divas , Tuksi Pooja is considered which involves the Pandit and other people. As this is a day of marriage of Holy Tulsi to Lord Vishnu. Tulsi Pujan Diwas is auspicious behind Life especially married one.

Tulsi Pujan Divas 2020

Tulsi Pujan Divas 2020 would be on ‘26th of November’. Tulsi Pujan Divas will be in November due to hindu tithi and days. Tulsi Puja Divas 2020 had special muhurat to practice tulsi puja 2020.

Tulsi Pujan Divas 2020 will be celebrated in grand form. People are awaiting for Tulsi pujan divas 2020 celebration. In 2019 , people will be unable to celebrate the tulsi pujan divas due to hindu calendar day.

Tulsi pujan Divas 2020 will be good and suspicious for the new beginning it will bring health , wealth and prosperity in your life. The Individuals who are waiting for good tithes , this is the right time to marry.

Why Tulsi Pujan Diwas Celebrated ?

According to Hindu Belief , Tulsi is not a plant but is a blessing of God. However , Tulsi is also considered as a Goddess. Due to this , For Hindu , the plant of Tulsi is vulnerable. Tulsi is vulnerable for two reasons :

  • As Tulsi works as medicine , which has saved the lives of many humans. And the Smell of Tulsi remains calm , happy and joyful.
  • Lord Vishnu Puja is said to be incomplete without the leaves of Tulsi.

To Honor and Worship the Lord Vishnu ‘Tulsi Pujan Diwas’ is celebrated.

What is the Story Behind the Tulsi Pujan Divas ?

As , We know in Indian Hindu Tradition celebration of festivals and special events , there is a special story or belief behind it. As in same , for Tulsi Pujan Divas there is an special story behind it , which is as follows:

According to Hindu Holy Book , there was a Demon named ‘Jalandhar’ who was very cruel and popular for ill acts. The Reason behind their succession in ill acts and their wife who was religious named ‘Brinda’.

Brinda was a religious lady. Brinda was the great devotee of Lord Vishnu and always prayed for their husband’s succession and well being. Due to this , Jalandhar was not punished. The Gods were irritated and angry from Jalandhar and searching for practices to defeat him (Jalandhar) , but they were unable to find an alternative to it.

They prayed to Lord Vishnu and Lord Vishnu had to find a solution. Lord Vishnu took the character of Jalandhar and visited Brinda. Due to this , Brinda purity destroyed as lord vishnu fooled brinda as Jalandhar and touched her.

After this , Jalandhar lost his fight and died because now he had no power over his wife’s prayer. When Brinda came to know about this , she became angry and crushed Lord Vishnu into Shaligra stone and sacrificed her in the death of jalandhar.

After that , Lord Vishnu holds the soul of Brinda and assures her soul into the plant of Tulsi and promises her that he (Lord Vishnu ) will marry her.

How is Tulsi Puja Divas is Celebrated ?

On Tulsi Pujan Divas , people Wake up early and wear traditional clothes. On this day , people visit temples to worship Lord Vishnu. Then , after people celebrated the Tulsi Pujan Diwas.

On this day , Tulsi Plant and Idol of Lord Vishnu is bathed with water. Then , Lord Vishnu idol cleans and starts decorating with new clothes , flowers and garlands. Lord Vishnu is decorated as ‘Groom’. After that , Goddess Tulsi is decorated as ‘Bride’. A red cloth is wrapped and put on other items such as bangles , bindi and jewellery.

Then ,  a long thread tied between them. One point from Lord Vishnu and another with Tulsi. After that , Fruits and Flowers offer to them and consider auspicious puja. And in the End , people shower flowers and rice on them. And then , Prasad is distributed among them.

Generally , this is a type of wedding between the Holy Tulsi and Lord Vishnu. People who commend this puja known as guests who are involved in this wedding. On this day , lord Vishnu and holy tulsi became the holy married couples. These couples are worshipped on this day for a better future and wealth.

Who celebrates Tulsi Pujan Diwas ?

Tulsi Pujan Divas are celebrated by every Hindu. But the Tulsi Pujan Divas are especially celebrated by the female section whether they are married and unmarried. Married Females worship for their long life and wealth for husband. While unmarried Females worship for a good husband and future happy married life.

On this day , Females celebrate especially because of Brinda and  Lord Vishnu. As the Brinda was a religious Lady and blessed by Lord Vishnu that he will marry her. Due to this , blessing every female wants their husband in the form of Lord Vishnu.

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