Sohrai Festival 2021 hd Images, Quotes

Every Year people celebrate ‘Sohri’ festival with great pomp and showering. This festival is an Indian traditional festival.This festival is a majority celebrated in states of Jharkhand , Odisha , Bihar and West Bengal.This festival is known as ‘Harvesting festival’. This festival celebration performs according to religious and cultural terminology.

This day defines the value of the agricultural field and their workers.This festival had Great significance for the communities such as ,’Prajapati , Kurmi , Santal , Munda and Oraons’. This festival is also known as ‘Cattle Festival’. This festival gains an equal priority as the other festival celebrated such as ‘Bandna’.

This Festival had similar significance with the Diwali festival.This day had three day celebration.With the celebration of festival special decoration and delicious food is practiced.

happy sohrai images
happy sohrai images
  • In decoration diyas , lights , lamps , Rangoli etc.
  • In special food such as Khurmi , Tashmi , rice and vegetables etc.

On this day , people visit their hometowns , villages to celebrate this festival with friends , family and their dear ones.This festival changes all the worries and problems into happiness and positivity.Sohri festival defines the enrichment and prosperity of India.On these days , markets are very crowded.People preparing for the festival from before 10 to 15 days.

This festival had no fixed date to celebrate this festival , this festival is celebrated according to the Hindu month calendar..which is in the Month of ‘Kartika’ on amavasya. According to the Gregorian calendar , in October or November.This festival is considered an auspicious festival.In 2020 , Sohari will be celebrated on’15Nov’.

This festival is majorly celebrated in the format of rituals in Rural areas.On this day , people worship God , Goddess and cattle.Many perform fast on this day.Before this day , people paint their houses and shed the cattle’s houses in the best manner. On this day , many people perform charity and donations work to make other festivals good and delighted.

This festival is celebrated to honor the pet animals who help them in agricultural field such as buffaloes , goats and sheep.On this day , cattle’s and buffaloes were bathed and oiling to their horns and foreheads.This day describes the sacrifice of the animals for their livelihood and this admire them.

happy sohrai photo
happy sohrai photo

On this day , people put Divyas at the shed of cattle too , However the cattle were also known or called ,’Pasupati’. This festival connects the people to the historic beliefs. On this day , people greet or wish each were offered.It is believed that God and Goddess came to the Earth to make this festival more memorable and special for their children.

On this day , people wear traditional clothes. This festival defines the traditionalism of India.This festival brings happiness , joy , fun and spirit among the people. This festival is most popular among the ‘Santhal Tribe’ as their rice crop harvesting took place. This is a seasonal festival.

On this day , many events such as local art (Sohari art) , drawings ,designs etc…folk events are most popular and majorly practiced.This festival attracts the tourists towards India and their rituals. On this day , people wake up early to celebrate this festival.

Sohari art is performed by the people by coating their wall with white mud and drawing the designs with their fingertips. This festival brings economic development among the states as the local artists get privileges. According to rituals , youngsters touch the feet of elder to take their blessings after God.

This festival is a festival of humanity , forgiveness and Dharma. This festival may be celebrated by any community such as non-Hindu communities.On this day , happiness and peace split over the environment.This festival is based on the teachings and values of devotional legends.

These Indian festivals bring people together.This festival defines the value of dear ones and unconditional love.This day defines the job of hard work by the harvesters and agricultural field. This day is celebrated to honor every natural power.On these days , people knew about their Indian belief, importance and value.

This festival is a light over the darkness and ignorance.This festival defines the meaning of ‘Dharma’. This festival claims the new beginning of life with the new hope , spirit and motivation. On this day , many begins took place as opening of new ventures , houses and purchasing.

On this Night Of festival it becomes shining and happy which feels a part of heaven.This festival is a reason to free the people from their busy schedule and describes the other phase of life which is peaceful and joyful. In India , no festival is celebrated according to the Gregorian always fooled the Hindu calendar.

With these days , freshness and spirit are after the festival schedule.This festival helps in capturing moments and reminds old days. In every Indian festival of Hindu’s people offer vegetarian food. These days , happiness locks away the worries of the people. In various places Sohari is celebrated as Bandana.

Wishing you and your family very Happy Sohri ..enjoy your festival with your dear ones!!!

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