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Slap day!!!This day has been celebrated just after the “Valentine’s Day”. This day had been celebrated on “15 Feb” every year. This day doesn’t regard with the any commiserate programs.This day had been celebrated as Other. Although the term “Slap” (according to dictionary) ‘hit or strike your palm of the hand or on the object”.

Slap Day 2021 - 15 Feb 2021
Slap Day 2021 – 15 Feb 2021

The “Slap Day” doesn’t particularly regard for any reasons it may be of non romantic reasons for romantic reasons.The Various accommodations you to revive like ‘Slap like laziness ,emotions , feelings, Slap means non commitments and various”. This would be may in form of love reasons or in sincere way.

Slap day is celebrated by every generation whether the old , middle or future generation. This day had been also enjoyed with the pomp, happiness and shower. This day doesn’t regard any miserable commencement. This day would be commence with the lovely and beautiful chartered. This had been especially enjoyed by the future or child generations in educational institutions or other.

Slap Day 2021 - 15 Feb 2021
Slap Day 2021 – 15 Feb 2021

Slap day doesn’t not consider the name regard follows but to enjoy and favorable moments and memories to go. This day had been celebrated or comes in the category of “Anti Valentine’s Day”.

This day had been opposite of starting or within the valentine day. These day brings different fun and joy . These anti valentine days had been celebrated more than valentine weeks or day.This day or reconciliations doesn’t regard bad by some one. These days doesn’t regard with the bad or heavy mental state , it for fun and enjoyment.

Along with the enjoyment of fun , there are some enjoyment or people who doesn’t want to celebrate or commence these days. But Great shower and pomp commence when that individuals or people are required to celebrate it forcefully or with their real. These days had vibes or air in a different way or unique managed. This day had been especially liked or considered by the Female category , they had more then celebrated after the valentine days.

I wish that it will celebrated more than valentine days. This day will create more than memories and happiness valentine days. This had been celebrated with your partner , friends and special ones. And this will be loved by more than valentine days. Please celebrated it with the intentions of purity , innocence , spirit and energy. The Flavor or touch mainly with the love and happiness or for entertainment. Enjoy your day and time.

 Happy Slap Day!!!….Thank you!!!

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