Shahid Diwas!!! – 30 Jan 2021

On this day , let’s come and salute our martyr’s or Shahid’s , Wishing Shahid  Diwas!!!. This had been celebrated in the memory of Sahadi’s. With the occasion of celebration we need to know the meaning of “Martyr’s or Shahid” it had been refers to all those individuals or we can say great personalities or legends who have been sacrificed  and who had slept in lap of Motherland.

They are the ones who give shelter , happiness , joy , caring and security against them and managed over them . They are the ones who had sacrificed , survive (uncomfortable and difficulties) for us and our nation , Motherland. This day had been celebrated on their memory and their roles play . 

This day had been also known as “Martyr’s Day” in an English or International comparability. This day had been celebrated within the fifteen countries with India , but they celebrate in a or at Different times. The India celebrates in on “30Jan” every year. It had been mainly celebrated in the memory of “Mahatma Gandhi or Mohandas Karmchandh Gandhi”. On this day , they had slept on the lap of Motherland , this had been celebrated in the form of “Death Anniversary”.

On this day , Mahatma Gandhi  had been murdered by the “Nathuram Godse” at “Delhi”. They had murdered at the “Birla Bhawan” in the evening , when they are had getting up from the meeting at that place. On that day , the date was “30Jan 1948”. This day had been come after the Independence , means they had sacrifice after the In-dependency. From this statement , they would be definable for their “Passion for patriotism and Motherland” , this discussion they were so great legend personality which had been  birth for their Motherland.

On this day , The Great  Celebration takes over the place in memory of Mahatma Gandhi. On this day , The Great leader’s , officer’s and army Chief  come and pay tribute to Gandhi’s tomb with the flower’s , salute and by defense equipment had been held down by them at the “Rajghat”. On this day many celebration takes place over the India , In education Institutions and Government departments many plays , speech , music and dance had been taking place , Also keep silent for a minute or seconds to tribute them.

On this day , celebration doesn’t take place only for the “Bapu (Mahatma Gandhi)”  but also various legends but the day had been celebrated mainly for the “Bapu” . Many days had been celebrated in regard for the “Martyr’s day or Shahid diwas” which are as follows:

30 Jan 1948In memory of Mahatma Gandhi
23 March 1931In memory of Bhagat singh , Sukhdev thapar and Shivaram rajguru
17 Nov 1928 In the memory of Lala Lajpat rai
19 Nov 1828In the memory of Rani Laxmibai
21 Oct 2015In the memory profession of Police , Police martyr’s day
14 Feb 2019In the memory of Pulwama attack

This day has been celebrated for not only remember their sacrifice and work but also to devote them a Eligible post , which they had done for us and worth it. This day had different values for Nation. On this environment and Air blows within the Different , sad and proud vibes.

”Proud” because on this their mates , individuals or beings died for the nation , they had choose nation over them. “Sad”  because on this their sons had been sacrificed for them. “Different” because on this many individuals had been sacrificed and also they choose over them , this creates an emotional , purity , innocence , spirit and happiness feelings or emotions , they got mixed with each other this regard different.

We should be proud of that legends and capable of doing that spirit or work.These day had been remembered by our Motherland because it had seen red color sacrifice for her , it had seen many married girls or women transformed into “Widow’s” , It had many mothers had lost or loose their children. Below al these events neither the spirit had been lost or neither energy  and it day by day increasing for this matter or subject. The Motherland had been also saluting for their management .

This had been appreciated and respected  by all of us . This event had made more stronger and capable of facing it. These days had made a different and unique image of them (individuals who had sacrificed and slept in lap of motherland ) and nation. This had made us proud and happy. 

We must involve in these functions and celebrate with more spirit than other festivals. Lastly , I want to salute them for their spirit and energy. My respect them had become more for them. You must also respect them and their families who had make them forward for you. 

Lastly , I want to say that , what they had did requires an Guds and heart to do it for them and others. I want to say a phrase for them which might small for them , “They are like that Sun which taps itself for other and illuminates the light over the World”. This is a fact , correct and suitable for them.

  • Thank You!!!! Hope It may bring spirit and patriotism to do this (subject for this profession or feeling).
  • Jai Hind!!! Jai jawan , Jai kishan…Jai Jawan!!!

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