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sad status

Sad status sometimes there is such a situation in life that makes you saddle. There can be any reason to be sad. But in general, humans are more sad when something hurts their heart. When the heart is hurt, then it becomes sad. There can be any such reason in the world.

sad status
sad status

Those who have more attachment often give the same injury. In such a situation, getting yourself alone, not talking to anyone, anger is something that happens. Such a person does this when he cannot handle himself. In such a situation, sad status is also a part of it. They describe heartache. This often happens on social media.

Social media is a true friend of all these days which entertains their hearts. This is the way to overcome sadness and loneliness. When a man is gripped in pain, he does not understand anything. Sadness is the sound of a broken heart somewhere. Which makes a person silent.

In this way, there are many Sad Status, which you can also write on your social media. In the situation, humans say what they do not know. Sadness changes thoughts of both mind and behavior. Pain breaks a person or makes them strong. Therefore patience is very important.

“Peoples Always Change” & Sometimes Friends Turn to Be Strangers But The All “The Memories Never Change.”

It Doesn’t Matter If It Was A Relationship Or A Friendship. When It Ends, Your Hear Breaks.

Waiting is Painful. Forgetting is Painful. But Not Knowing Which To Do Is The Worse Kind of Suffering.

Meri galti bas yahi thi ke maine har kisi ko khud se zyada jaruri samja

Uss mod se shuru krni hai fir se jindagi jahaa saara shahar apna tha or tum ajnabi

Apni tanhai mein tanha hi acha hu mujhe zarurat nahi do pal ke saharo ki

Jindagi se sikwa nhi ki usne gam ka aadi bna diya gila to unse hai jinhone Roshni ki umeed dikha ke diya hi bujha diya

Sachii mohabbat me pyar mile na mile lekin yaad krne ke liye ek chehra jrur mil jaata hai

Jruri nhi jo Khushi de usi se mohabbat ho pyar to aksar dil todne wale se bhi ho jaata hai

Har dard se bda hota hai ye judai ka dard kyonki isme ek lmha jeene ke liye so baar mrna pdta hai

Itna bhi dard na de ae jindagi ishq hi kiya tha koi katl to nhi

You Always Get Hurt The Moment You Begin To Care.

Everybody knows that something’s wrong but nobody knows that what’s going on.

People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.

I know my silence and my tears will heal my pain.

I don’t care about people, who don’t care for me.

Sad Status for Love

Sad Status for Love. When a boy or a girl falls in love with someone, both of them become misunderstood. Later when both do not understand each other. This condition makes both of them sad. Sometimes this situation is such that even separates the doe. In this case, they upload the sad status.

There are many such races when two lovers enter sad status. This is done to convince the other partner. Perhaps by doing so their relationship will be lost. But sometimes even in the event of both pestering or mutilation, they upload such simple status on social media. Or send it to your partner.

Sometimes Crying is the Only Way Your Eyes Speak, When Your Mouth Just Can’t Explain How Broken Your Heart is.

Some Memories, Thought kill you Inside
Drag you at the Paint of Mass Vulnerabilities
But it Can’t kill Roots of Your Enthusiastic Curriculum
Just Keep Growing Stronger My Sweet Darling.

I am Happy, but Sad
I want to Die, but I Don’t
i Love you, but I Hate you
I’m Tired, but am Not
I’m Fine, but Really Not.

My tears are like anchors that sink
my heart to the depths of the deepest ocean….

Everybody is going to hurt you
you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.

I fought to keep your love,you didn�t fight to keep mine.
That�s the difference between you and me.

It sucks how some people use you
when they need you and then they put you
aside like you didn’t even matter to them from the beginning…

I was born the day you kissed me,
and I died inside the night you left me.
But I lived, oh how I lived while you loved me.

Pretending like u dont care about ur past & acting
like u’ve moved on..hurts alot !sad whatsapp status

The only time I realized I fell in love
with you was the only moment I found out
that you had already belonged to someone else.

People walk away easily but they leave their
memories with us forever…. sad whatsapp status

When people can walk away from you, let them walk.
Your destiny is never tied to anybody who left.

“i looked into the eyes of who i thought was an angel i didnt know i was looking into the eyes of who would cause me hell”

Every heart has a pain. Only the way of expressing it is different.
Fools hide it in eyes, while the brilliant hide it in their smile.

What do you do when the only one who can make you
stop crying is the one who is making you cry?

I hate it when you talk to someone every single day and then it stops.
All of a sudden neither of you say a word to each other

Sad Status for Friends

Sometimes we have a fight with our friends. There can be any reason for the fight. In such a situation, there is anger and sadness. In this case, we upload the sad status for his friend. You can tag your friends on Sad status social media. Vats can also tag for them on App, Facebook or Instagram.

Often such statuses are there to understand their mistakes and talk. That does not break the friendship and ends the fight. These sad states also talk about things that you cannot explain. Whenever something is hurt. Sadness also worsens the mood. Nobody likes their fried friend, so they should refuse. Otherwise, you will have to see their rotten face. This often happens in friendship should not be dimmed.

My Silence is just another word for my pain.

Sometimes I Want To Treat People How They Treat Me. But I Can’t Because That’s Not My Character.

I Am A Good Person To Forgive You. but Not Stupid Enough to Trust You Again.

True friends are like diamond,
when u hit them they do not break,
they only slip away from ur life.’

Finding a best friend is tough,
keep the friendship is tougher.

The most important thing in my trust is u.

!!Friendship is not a big thing,
But it is a million little things….

Sometimes you have to unfollow people in real life.

We are neither on good terms or bad.
We are no longer anything.

I have learned that once a friendship is broken..
it never gets normal again!

Ask me once, just once,
say you want me back,
you want to be my friend again.
I’ll come running back to you.

I wish I had a DELETE button in my life.
To delete somebody, some memories, and some feelings…

Whether it was a friendship or a relationship,
the truth is when it ends it gives you a heartbreak.

It was frightening to realize how fast things could go wrong.

And now you’re just a stranger with all my secrets.

Sometimes you have to give up on people.
Not because you don’t care, because they don’t.

Sad Status for Girls

Girls are very fun but sometimes some girls are very innovative. Whenever a person is hurt or something hurts their heart, they become sad. Whenever there is a Sad, they like to be alone. When they are alone, they upload the sad status on social media.

Girls also have feelings and emotions. But sometimes stubbornness can also be the reason for sadness. When an adult occurs, there are many things that hurt the heart. After all, there are only plain states. In these, you can read your experiences. Such status is uploaded on social media. This is a good platform for everyone. On whom all describe their feeling.

Sad status are sometimes for those people who take the wrong meaning of your weight. These are not due to anything. One should be patient in this situation. Sad state can also be understood as a matter. And I have also understood my own fault. These statuses also thicken in a way. But excessive sedation becomes a cause of depression and trouble. Therefore, you should explain and understand your point well.

Hurt Me With a Truth
But Never Comfort me With a Lie.

I‘m Not Perfect Person
i Make a Lot of Mistakes But
I Really Appreciate these People
Who Stay With me After Knowing
How I Really Am!!

Pain is the Only Thing That”s
Telling Me I’m Still Alive

Tears come from Heart not from the brain

You Always Get Hurt The Moment You Begin To Care

Standing Alone Doesn’t Mean i M Alone,
i’M Strong Enough To Handle Things All By Myself.

Jab Apni Hi Aankhe Band HoTab Andhere Ka Kya Kasoor!!

i will wait till the day i can forget U or
the day you realize you can’t forget Me.

May B Being Alone is Better Than Being
With Someone Who Doesn’t Care

That Sad Moment When Ur Silence To Save
Relation Consider As Ur Ego….

i wish you were here with me right now.
i’m so lonely & i miss you

Lonelines is the universal problem of rich people.

Sometimes loneliness is my Good Friend..

“Being alone is one thing but feeling
alone is a whole different story.”

“Lonely is not a feeling when you are alone.
Lonely is a feeling when no one cares.”

“When we truly realize that we are
all alone is when we need others the most.”

“If you always give, you will always have.”

“Life is full of misery loneliness and suffering —
and it’s all over much too soon.”

“You can’t be strong all the time.
Sometimes you just need to be alone and let your tears out.”

Sad Status for Husband

Husbands also have feelings and emotions. Sometimes wife and husband have misunderstandings or someone has heard. In this, something becomes such that husbands become simple. Then they are a little bit angry and stay aloof. In such a situation, their mood is also bad. Then either they remain irritable or completely calm.

Whenever such a situation occurs, they enter the plain status. These simple states are for someone to understand them. May the misunderstandings be cleared. Sad status can be for anyone who has hurt them. Such situations often occur in life, but when trust and communication power are good, they can be resolved.

Here are some status for husbands. Whenever they are sad or sad, they can put or read such status. It helps to calm the mood and calms me down a bit. Keeping upsets or sad for long periods of time is not good for mental state. This leads to health issues, so whatever happens, should be paid through Sad status.

You Have Hurt Me A Lot Once I Was Your Whole Sky. Now I Am Not Even A Dot.

When You Are In Love And You Get Hurt. It’s Like a Cut – It Will Heal, But There Will Always Be A Star.

When Someone Really Likes You. They Will Never Hurt You!! And If They Do! You Can See It In Their Eyes That It Hurts Them Too.

The most painful goodbye’s are those which
were never said and never explained. ……

They ignore you until they need you.

If it’s not a happy ending then
it’s not the ending at all.

The only time I realized I
fell in love with you was
the only moment I found out that you
had already belonged to someone else.

Nobody deserves your tears,
but whoever deserves them will not make you cry.

Good humor is the health of the soul, sadness its poison.

Hating people is like burning down your house to kill a rat.

In love, all kinds of love, we wait.
If I can’t be your dawn, I will be your sunset!

My life’s biggest achievement is that
I get to be with an awesome man like you every day.
I love you.

I love living life with you,
and I live life for loving you.
I love you.

You are every reason, every hope and every dream I’ve ever had.

I love you and that’s the beginning and end of everything.

A good marriage would be between a blind wife and a deaf husband.

Sad Status for Wife

After marriage, a girl becomes a wife. Sometimes some things happen in relations that hurt their heart. When she cannot explain her point well.So some things happen that make them sad and angry. In such a situation, the Sad states are uploaded on social media.

Sad states are helpful in understanding their point. Sad status can be uploaded on Whats App, Facebook, Instagram, etc. These status filings can be described by writing your pain. Sad states are different for every experience. For example, sometimes someone goes out of husbands or misunderstandings.

Everyone Thinks I Am Such A Happy Person And That I Have It All Together. What They Don’t Know is That I’m Dying On The Inside. I Don’t Have It All Together. I am Falling Apart.

Everyone Thinks I am Happiest Person. But I’m Really Depressed. All The Time And I Don’t Know What To Do. I Wish I’d Just Die in My Sleep Every Night.

I Want To Show Him What Love Really Is, To Make Him Feel Love He’s Never Felt Before, To Make His Heart Beat In A Way He Never Knew Possible.

“Grief is not as heavy as guilt,
but it takes more away from you.”

“Did I change or did you just stop loving me.”

“A bad attitude is like a flat tire,
you can’t go anywhere until you change it.”

A good wife always forgives her husband when she’s wrong.

If you get a good wife, you’ll be happy.
If you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher.

My wife and I always compromise.
I admit I am wrong and she agrees with me.

You Hurt Me But I Still Love You.

True Love Isn’T Found. It’S Built.

I Wish I Could Ignore You Like You Ignore Me.

I Stay Home Alone, Listen To Music And Think Too Much.

I Say I Don’T Care Anymore,
But Truth Is I Care Too Much.

Love Sometimes Comes Like A Dream
And Leaves Likes A Nightmare.

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