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National Unity Day 

National Unity Day is also called ‘Ekta Divas’. National Unity Day is celebrated every year on every ‘31st October’. National Unity Day is celebrated at the annual frequency. National Unity Day is celebrated at the inner boundaries of the country. National Unity Day is celebrated as Social Day.

National Unity Day was established in the Year 2014 by the Government of India. National Unity Day is celebrated under the approval of Indian Government. National Unity Day introduced by the Prime Minister of India named ‘Mr. Narendra Modi’. National Unity Day is the day to unite India.

Actually , the National Unity day is celebrated on the birth anniversary of ‘Sardar Vallahbhai Patel’ (Iron Man of India)’.National Unity Day is celebrated to bring the togetherness of people among India.National Unity Day is celebrated to overcome the differences from the people of India and set for cooperation and peace. National Unity Day is celebrated for the welfare of Indian People and India.

National Unity Day is celebrated to educate the prosperity of unity among the people. National Unity Day is to frame the unity among the Indians. National Unity Day provides an opportunity to reunite the spirit of love and peace among India. National Unity Day addresses the Indian people to restore the unity , integrity and security of the country.

National Unity Day is celebrated to focus the Government to bring those policies which bring belonging among the people.National Unity Day celebrated to spirit up the inner strength and resilience of our Nation. National Unity Day is dedication to unity and peace.National unity day is the day to realize the meaning of Unity and their power.

Need of National Unity Day 

The Need of National Unity Day arises due to following reasons , they are as follows:

  • In times of Competitions and modernisation , people are in the race who are better than others. Due to this ,  everyone tries to fail each other, states decrease and undeveloped which causes debate and unfair relations between them. 
  • As we know India is based on various cultural and religious forms. And the people are in a race to prove their religion and culture at the top in which they are commending other religions and cultural beliefs unwell or low.
  • As India’s economic condition is quite different from other countries , however India  comes in the list of developing countries. People of India want to develop them and visit developed countries which leads to breaking of chain of togetherness.
  • In Modern Times , people are in competitions to show their propensity and prestige from others. Everyone wants to remain first in this competition , due to this , people are cruising each other and the result is vision in front of everyone.

Due to overcoming these reasons and their related issues , the need arises of celebration of National Unity Day.If these reasons would not reduce with the times , it will lead future generations to a problem of peace and understanding.

National Unity Day in India

National Unity Day in India is known as ‘Rastriya Ekta Divas’. National Unity Day in India to bring the development of India and their people.National Unity Day in India to bring love , togetherness and peace among the India.

National Unity Day in India for the Indian people who are closer with the other country’s people but not with their People.National unity day in India wants to build the infrastructure of understanding and better relation between the people and their religion.

National Unity day in India is celebrated for two reasons : One is for religious equality and other people who are migrating from India due to reasons of undeveloped and better economic place.National Unity day motive to unite the people’s thoughts and their beliefs.National Unity day is wants to unite the work of people which helps India to be developed.

National Unity Day in India is celebrated with the involvement of a number of people to come up with the ideas and hurdles they are facing to unite.National Unity day in India is celebrated in form of a social event day which brings happiness and peace among India.

However , the National Unity day focuses on the Younger generation to unite which automatically allows other generations to reunite and come to know about the power of unity.National Unity day brings future generation togetherness , so that future generations will be protected and secure from unfair treatments and practices.

National Unity Day 2019

National Unity day 2019 initiating to step the people equal and concerning the measure to step according to their motive. National Unity day 2019 commits the major issues to be solved regarding unity.National Unity day 2019 wants to force the people to put hand in hand show the world unity and chain which is unbreakable.

National Unity Day 2019 focuses on the topics which make our bond stronger and if any problem is easy to be solved with the expression.National Unity Day 2019 defines to be independent and work self , so that India develops and their people.

National Unity Day 2019 theme

National Unity Day 2019 is based on the theme program. The National Unity Day 2019 theme was ‘Nation Together’. National Unity Day 2019 theme addresses the togetherness.National Unity Day 2019 theme means to cover the togetherness and peace among the Nation.

National Unity Day 2019 theme builds the spirit of belonging among the people’s motive for better relations and understands , which commendings all the measures which bring Nation Together.National Unity day 2019 best phase which realiza people the India deficiency but overcoming proceeds from that day.

National Unity Day 2020

National unity day 2020 would not program in large due to the pandemic of Covid 19 but the day would be celebrated with online progress.National Unity Day 2020 highlights the all issues relating to the unity and peace of India , whether the hidden or major ones.

National Unity Day 2020 would appreciate the peace maintained during lock down and focus on the graphs and date relating to debates or unfair practices. National Unity Day 2020 defines the alternates to cover the unity among the whole India.

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