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Quit India day , every year on ‘9Aug’ a celebration takes place across India. This committee (All India National Congress) was observed on ‘8Aug , 1942’. This day had regard for the quit India movement. The Need of this day arises due to British oppression among India. This day is recognized by the All India congress committee involving the Mohandas karamchand Gandhi , Jawaharlal nehru and other leaders of Indian National congress.

Quit India Day 2020
Quit India Day 2020

This day is celebrated against the Britishers rule. This Movement took place at the city of Bombay.This was a non violent and disorder movement.This had taken place In India for a few days. This movement was a way for the independence of India. This day was action-ed on the date of ‘9 Aug , 1942’.

This day is known as ‘August Kranti day/Diwas or Quit India’. The Aim of this day is to quit the people from the country. This day was a tight slap on the Britishers rule. This day was a protesting day against the rule and regulations of Britishers. The Motto meaning of subject in local language was ‘Bharat Choh do’ which commends by the Indians to Britishers to leave India.

This day is celebrated to educate the people about the conditions before Independence and for them. This day is celebrated to value , respect and salute our national heroes and heroines who had sacrificed and suffered themselves over independence.

This day is celebrated to bring focus of people among the love and patriotism regarding Country times. This day is celebrated to thank our martyrs. The Movement was the ‘Non Violence mass Movement’ which depicts with silence. Gandhi ji addressed this movement with the phase ‘Do or die’.

This day is associated with the programs schedules such as events , performances , campaigns and rallies. This day involved a dance program , speeches etc. This day motivated and encouraged the people to consider them for the same or more than that. This day is associated with the celebration but a tribute to them.

Although in 1944 , Gandhi ji  continued this resistance and went on the 21 days for the fast. Although after the second world war this had created the Britain placed changed and demands for independence more stronger way.  This day had written in histories and admirable.

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