Pravasi Bharatiya Divas 2022 Venue, Theme, Place, 9 January

Pravasi Bharatiya Divas is a day to celebrate every year on January 09 to recognize the overseas Indian who contribute for the development of India.  It is a day related with Indian arrival day observed by the ministry of external affairs, government of India. This day was first celebrated in 2003. 

Reason for celebrate pravasi bharatiya divas ;- 

This day is commemorated to mahatma gandhi for return to mumbai (india) from south africa on january 09, 1915. Mahatma Gandhi is not only a great migrant but also he had trouble with so much struggle for getting India freedom or independence from the britishers.  He has a big hand to change Indians’ lives better.

The first idea for celebrating pravasi bharatiya divas comes to mind to laxmi mal singhvi onwards. Pravasi bharatiya divas event was organised between 7-9 january ,2010 in new delhi. Then this event has been organised in varanasi in . 

In pravasi bharatiya divas event organised by the ministry of external affairs, government of india. There were so many businessmen and  ministers of different states also included in this 3 days event that has been organised  every year. They give pravasi bharatiya award to the migrant  indians who did their best effort in their own field for the well development of the nation. That is the stage to discuss all the problems and get the solution for those people who have trouble with any kind of problem.

Objects ;-

  • Its objective is to provide a platform for NRIs to express their feelings and perceptions about India.
  • To connect a bond with indian’s new generation with NRI. 
  • To spread the network of India with the NRI’s  in 110 countries.
  • The main aim of this celebration for pravasi bharatiya divas is to tell the achievement of progress to the non resident indian people and take advantage of expectation with the hope for well development of our country.
  • This day is celebrated to know the difficulties faced by the Indian laborers living abroad and the government resolve their issues.
  •  On this day, the government puts a focus on reconnecting overseas Indians with their roots so that they can contribute significantly to the development of the country.

History ;- 

The decision to celebrate Pravasi Bharatiya Divas was taken in accordance with recommendations of the High Level Committee (HLC) on the indian diaspora set up by the government of India under the chairmanship of laxmi mal singhvi. Then the prime minister of India, Atal bihari vajpayee received the report of a committee at a public function at vigyan bhawan on january 8, 2002 in new delhi.

This day was celebrated for mahatma gandhi to return india from south africa on january 09, 2002. Hence ,from that day it has been announced to celebrate every year as pravasi bhartiya divas on january 09.

Pravasi bharatiya divas event happened in different place ;-

The 16th pravasi divas was celebrated for the first time in 2003.  This day has been celebrated every year since 2003 in many places in the country . 

In 2009, it was celebrated by the government of India in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.

In 2018, it was celebrated at singapore.

The 8th pravasi bharatiya divas took place on 7-9 january , 2010 and webcast live on the official website of ministry of overseas indian affairs. And it also publishes on social media and blogs and lives as pravasi bhartiya divas assumed by kotak mahindra bank.

The 2012, pravasi bharatiya divas is held on 7-9 january in  jaipur,rajasthan. And the chief guest for the event was the prime minister of tobago.

The 2013, pravasi bharatiya divas were held on 8-9 january in kochi , kerala. 

The 2015, pbd were held at ahmedabad celebrating the 100 years of return of mahatma gandhi from south africa to india. There was a theme for this event was “Apna Bharat Apna Gaurav” for connecting the youth one.

The pravasi bharatiya divas annually celebrate in different cities following are ;-

1st –  2003 – new delhi.

2nd – 2004 – new delhi.

3rd – 2005 – mumbai.

4th – 2006 – hyderabad (andhra pradesh)

5th – 2007 – delhi

6th – 2008 – delhi

7th – 2009- chennai

8th – 2010 – new delhi

9th – 2011 – new delhi

10th – 2012 – jaipur

11th – 2013 – kochi (kerala)

12th – 2014 – new delhi

13th – 2015 – gandhinagar (gujarat)

14th – 2017 -bengaluru (karnataka)

15h – 2019 – varanasi (uttar pradesh)

16th – 2020 – new delhi

Pravasi bharatiya award ;- 

Pravasi bharatiya divas award is given to the people who do their best effort for making India best development in their field. This award is distributed by the president. That is the best occasion for celebrating or welcoming migrant people. That is why we are celebrating this event every year .

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