Pitru Paksha 2021 Start Date and Time, Images, Quotes, 20 September to 6 October

Pitru paksh is an Indian Hindu event. This event is 16 days long. This event is celebrated on the Full moon of Bradrapadha month and ends on Amavasya (new moon day). This event is also spelled as ‘Pitru Paksha’. In 2020 , this would be celebrated on ‘1st Sept’. This event is celebrated in traditional form. These days are celebrated in a simple and peaceful manner.

On this day , people remember their elder ones who are not with us (referring to the death). This day is celebrated in the honor of older ones who slept into great sleep (death). These days , people work for humanity such as considering grass for the cow , helping poor and needy people etc. to make the soul of their elder ones happy and peaceful.

pitru paksha puja
pitru paksha puja

These days is celebration according to Hindi calendar. This day is celebrated to make the soul of elder ones peaceful and joyful. This event is also known with the numerous names such as ,’Pitri pokko , Solah shraddha , Apara Paksha , Kanagat , Jititya , Mahalaya Praksha etc. This event is celebrated in spiritual and religious format.

On this day , people remind their elders and their teachings. These days , people prefer devotional organized things such as path , puja etc, to impress them and rest their soul . On these days , people who make their elders soul rest and peaceful prefer food offerings and devotional rhymes. 

This event is related to the special occasion belief and reason behind it. On these days , people worship their Pitru (elder ones soul) and grant their love and concern to them. These days , people prefer good work which makes them( Elder one’s soul) happy. On these days , people organize grand food offerings in which their daughters , saints are invited.

It is believed that on these days , their elder ones came to the earth to bless them. On these days , air is heavy due to special prayers , chants , puja’s and feelings. On these days , many people become emotional due to their elders. These days , they remind me of their memories and wonderful times. These days , people prefer simple celebrations in spite of fancy ones.

pitru paksh
pitru paksh

On these days, people pay homage to their ancestors. These days , people avoid traveling and new work. This is a day to remember our ancestors and make their soul happy and peaceful.On these days , people prefer religious and cultural work which make their ancestors’ souls rest in peace.On this day event people prefer white and light clothes.

Pitru Paksha is also known as the Death ceremony celebration of ancestors. This event falls after the Ganesh festival or Aanth Chadush. These days demand for good and religious work which helps them (Pitru ) in the heaven world. However the Pitru is known as God and Goddess. On these days , they (Pitru) were worshiped with the special puja in which sweets , flowers and coconut.

On these days , people prefer their ancestors’ places to make this event good and happy for them. It is believed by commending the celebration at other places which make them more happy and peaceful.On these days , their family works for them such as yagya , hawan etc.

Pirtu paksh is celebrated to honor the ancestors who have gone but remains with you in your heart and somewhere invisible. These days , people visit temples and to wish for their ancestors’ souls. It is said that they visit the Earth and see their children and overcome darkness from their life.

These days bring happiness , spirit and special energy in our lives. On this day , people prefer dan-dakshina and poonya works so that it makes our ancestors happy.On these days , people remain deep in their ancestors.According to scientific celebration , this event is a celebration as the sun changes his position from northern to southern hemisphere.

On these days , people prefer welfare work to make their ancestors happy and peaceful. These days , people visit their ancestors’ places and make auspicious work there.According to belief , the generation who dies went to heaven known as ‘Pitru’. They are known as Good souls who remain with their family due to their love and concern for them.

On this day , the event of ancestors’ soul peace practice is known as ‘Shraddha ceremony’. This event is not celebrated by the generation after the ansecorts but by every generation whether it is third or etc. It is said by practicing Sharddha ceremony Pitru will bless us with health , wealth and knowledge.

This event is celebrated after the ancestors death. On this day , people get to know about their ancestors and their work for future generations. This day defines the family belief and generation of people. On this day , people prefer special work to make the souls of ancestors happy and delighted.

This day is celebrated as the anniversary of an ancestor’s death. On this day , people wish for their ancestors’ souls and environment to become emotional. These days , it is very crowded in holy places such as Haridwar etc. On these days , people practice that their ancestors’ souls remain with them.

These days , people feel the special existence of a special person which is of their ancestors.On this day , people request for their ancestors’ souls to the Lord Vishnu and Yama. On this day , people prefer special prayers to Lord Vishnu and Yama. On these days , people offer sweets to their pitru such as Kheer or Lapsi.

Pitru paksha is an occasion which is celebrated to honor the ancestors. On this day , people feel for their ancestors and make acts to rest their soul. Pitru paksh is Indian event which is celebrated to respect and remind the ancestors and their beliefs with ourselves. On these days , people read Bhagavad Gita and Bhagavad Purana.

On this day , make your ancestors souls happy and peace by practicing Hindu rituals. These days had a great significance in the lives of their Hindu people and this is an day of their ancestors. On this day , they can make their ancestors soul happy and rest. This is an day to remind them and make them (Ancestor) feel proud.

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