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Pakistan Independence Day is celebrated every year on 14 August. Pakistan and Hindustan were partitioned on this day. The year 1947 was liberated on the midnight of 14 August. But he celebrates his Independence Day on this day.

Pakistan Independence Day 2020
Pakistan Independence Day 2020

India celebrates its Independence Day on 15 August. On this day, both countries celebrate their day with their National Flag and National Anthem. Along with this, they also understand the matter of pride for themselves.

Pakistan Independence Day is an important reason to be celebrated on 14 August. This is the reason that Lord Mountbatten of the British handed over this day to Pakistan after his independence. And this day was the 27th day of his Ramadan. The Festival of Ramadan is considered to be the biggest festival for them. The day was celebrated with the recording of their Islamic calendar.

The founder of Pakistan was Mohammad Jinnah. He founded Pakistan. The capital of Pakistan is Islamabad. Pakistan is an Islamic country.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan is Imran Khan. President is Arif Alvi. Pakistan currency is rupees. The population here is 19.7 crores. Pakistan is a country in South Asia.

In Pakistan, this day is celebrated as a festival. Because everyone wants to live their life according to themselves. Many laws have also been enacted to live in freedom which presumes freedom. Pakistan is located in the North-West Side of India. The border of India and Pakistan is called Radcliffe.

There are 7 states in Pakistan which have different districts. This is the seven states.

Azad Jammu and Kashmir
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

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